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  1. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread I can't wait for you lot to be back in the BPL, shame recent results have gone against you I was thinking you might make a play off push but maybe next year. Is Mowatt any good? Fancy a game on fifa?
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread No you sort it out sorry just had to act up to your expectations. I ain't said anything wrong, if you don't like that I have to repeat things several times then that ain't my fault. .... Sort it out
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread We posted losses over the year, no point in looking at quarterly figures. It's the end of year figures that count. This is all hypothetical anyway, we will finish in top four. We should win the FA Cup, someone said what is our priority, I answered them. @Fern make your mind up lad. One minute the thread has no activity and when I give the honest response I'm depressing. Sort it out.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well considering we do rely on CL money it makes your point invalid. I do t know what you been looking at but the fact remains our club needs CL to balance the books. We posted our first loss in almost ten years this year, only 8 million loss but without CL you could add another 30 mil to that. Plus don't make out that I can't hold a debate. I have held many and most around here would call me many things but not being able to debate is not one of them. As long as the point is in context and some truth I welcome it, I have done and will do stand corrected at times. This is not one of them. Having you actually read what was said you wouldn't be here posting now. So to keep this civil and on point I suggest you do one of either. Firstly read what's said before commenting. Or don't involve me in your comment. That simple.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread The talk wasn't about us not being able to do both. I already said I feel we will do both. The convo was about what is our main priority. I repeat NOT that we can't or shouldn't be aiming for both. Really is sad that I have to make a summary of any convo on this forum.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Try reading the convo rather than joining in half way. I would correct you but your old enough to go back and check yourself.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Would still rather be in the CL and no silverware than an FA Cup and Europa league.
  8. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Mate I ain't got the patience with the current EA market not finding anything. I'm happy to loan you the funds but on my phone I ain't got time to buy anyone right now.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Went down with a fight. No harm in that. Pleased with what I saw in general, shame the first leg killed us. Best team won but glad we got a draw in Munich. I know it doesn't count for anything but the players didn't deserve to lose that match. Back to the BPL now with Spurs
  10. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Dude I can lend you 500k to trade with. Just make sure I have it back by Saturday?
  11. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Made a killing with all four players I said would rise. Caulker you beauty!!! Got him for 16k and sold for 31k!!! Had loads of him. Also Bassong went from 10 to 15k!!! I was a little late on Giroud due to work but made some profit off him. Not bad for a few days work.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Once again people setting us up for a no win case. How about worrying about your own clubs for a change. Wenger will be here until he is on his death bed. He is a living legend and deserves some respect. Let's leave it at that.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I still stand by my original claims not that I need to re name them. It would be nice to win a trophy but it ain't the BPL or CL. It would do well for our morale but I don't see the FA Cup as a big achievement, I personally think the FA Cup is not what it was 10 years ago. However as I said if we win it I will be chuffed and very pleased for my club.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Pretty sure Arteta won't be the most popular man around Everton tonight. I totally understand your view I hate it when former player show no respect.
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Great game, great result. Nice to see Ozil scoring again and what a nice introduction from Giroud.
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