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  1. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread I managed to get two last night for 22k I wasn't prepare to pay over that. Gutted right now but if my work allowed me to access the web app I would of got more.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Don't we have an awful record playing early in games?
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Tomorrow is going to be very hard but I back us to win. I am sure this current squad in mentally strong enough to bounce back. We need to start making runs behind defences or we will get slaughtered. Gnabry might be a good option for this match.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Walcott being injured was a huge blow for our title hopes. I still back Wenger and whose to say if we get another manager we do worse? Look at United.
  5. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread To be fair trading takes time and practice and most certainly you will lose money at times and make money in others. It's all trial and error. I would say the following few players are the best IF's to invest in. Bassong Winston Reid Caulker SIF Giroud Those four players have all dropped and are good cards with decent stats. All should be 10k more expensive within the next ten days. Never a guarantee but that's my advice, I myself would never put money that I can't afford to lose. That's why I'm only investing 200-300k on these players. Feel free to use my examples or find your own
  6. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Yep only the IF market has really crashed the other players are in and around their usual price. I hope you took my advice of selling McCormack mate
  7. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Haha same IF Caulker here I come! 25k right now looks a bargain for them stats however his low card weight makes me have doubts. Rakitic, Gervinho etc have all gone from 80 k to 20k lmao And as you said McCormack has gone for 100k to 12k hahahaha. Quality!
  8. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Now is the time to invest in IF players! They have all crashed in price mainly! I have 600k to get some lol
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Good news for Arsenal is Kallstrom and Ramsey are almost back. Anyone seen Kallstrom in recent years? I can only remember him briefly in the CL for Lyon.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I never said I wanted anything. Let's get things right Ray, firstly drop the attitude. Secondly you asked why I may have an ego. I answered that and then you make a sly joke about medals? Read between the lines. England has it's positives, however they are very few. I'm grateful to of been born in such a powerhouse of a country. However I'm not happy how it's run. Just because I don't nod my head to the news doesn't make me any less of a English citizen. Why do you think we have different political parties? Because they each have different views on how the country should be run. So don't turn me into some anti England hating yob. Secondly whilst you make jokes about me gloating or whatever in fact in just sharing what I know. I can promise my knowledge on money is far more beneficial for the neutrals than they think. I know how to play markets. Whilst you may say I'm big headed I'm actually a nice person who is willing to give advice on current rates if ever needed. However sure carry on with that poor attitude and make another sly, cheap joke at me.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Did you know England's Bank of England is actually not even an English bank. It was named that to make people feel safe with their money. Did you know that our Royal family isn't even English? Did you know that our country is in 9 times the size of our economy in debt? Greece was two times and Italy was 1 and a half times their economy in debt and just look what happened to them. No country or company has ever recovered from the situation we are now in. Did you know that our news is proof read by US officials so our current state can't be discussed due to fears that people would rebel? Did you know that our country imports over 90% of its goods which makes other countries richer and us poorer? Did you know that NHS will soon have to be cut for good like in America as the cost is to high and people are living for longer? I can name thousands of things about our country and why I dislike it. Don't make me out to be something I'm not. I just have the minerals to say what needs to be said, not that my views matter.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Lol name me one game where jack has played with pride as you say... None of them give a monkeys about England. What happened after we lost to Germany in 06? They all went and got smashed and partied. So much for pride of England. Rooney, Wilshere etc have never performed for the country. I can only really say Terry, Gerrard, Lamps and Becks have played with pride in the last few years. The rest see it as a joke. Just like most of the fans. No sell outs in Wembley for ages further proves my point.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread All for a pointless friendly. Another blow for us.
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