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  1. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread

    You can get Cech in goal and still have full chem' date=' and he's much better than Szczesny[/quote']

    True however I like having my Arsenal back line, plus Szczesny is so OP. Not even joking he on basic has made some wonder saves for me. Just not good at finese shots. However they are hardly used this year.

  2. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread

    Might cash out on Ribery tonight as I really want to try Bale. This will be my next team.


    GK - Szczesny

    RB - Sagna

    CB - Mertesacker

    CB - Koscienly

    LB - Gibbs

    CDM - Khedira

    CDM - Song

    CAM - Fabregas

    CAM - Neymar

    CAM - Bale

    ST - Benzema

    Think that would be a great team as I love the Arsenal back four and both CDM have great height, strength and work rates. Will cost just over 1.3 mil.

  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Ramsey set to sign a new 5 year deal which will make him the second highest paid player at Arsenal. Ridiculous' date=' hasn't he already signed a new one this year?[/quote']

    Think we will giving out a few more new deals as well. I think the club is going for a different strategy when it comes to contracts now. Less dividends for the shareholders but good for the club.

  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    If you love football to play it enough to become professional' date=' then you live and breathe football. I bet 90% of football players had over 10 football shirts spanning across multiple teams.

    Every time i go abroad I buy a Local teams shirt, doesn't mean I support them :P[/quote']

    So you have a Scarborough shirt? ;) just kidding mate. Yeah I get what you mean. Glad he signed a long term deal though.

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    It has to be a joke. You're basing Bellerin's ability on less than half an hour in League Cup extra time against a second string West Brom.

    No matter how good a player is at youth level' date=' the biggest step is making the transition to the first team.[/quote']

    No I ain't. I have seen him briefly at Barnet, seen him on tv for Watford and seen his youth cup games. He looks a much brighter prospect. Jenkinson makes me genuinely worry. He can't control a ball, hardly make an accurate pass and never tackles when players run at him, he always tries to follow them but doesn't have the pace. I would sell him ASAP and bring in someone like Corchia or Debuchy.

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    He was excellent at times last season when he got a good run in the side after Sagna's injuries.

    He looked like he could become a good player. But after seeing Giacherini or how you spell it from Sunderland rip him to pieces I have no faith in him. Does make tackles, runs like a slug, poor positioning. Only thing he can do is whip in a ok cross but even then Sagna is better.

  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Pretty sure Bendtner is loyal as they come' date=' or just no-one will take him either way it's 50/50 :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Is that really what it's come down to at Arsenal.

    Bendtner hadn't done that bad for us to be fair this season. But overall he is pants. Hopefully Moyes will sign him :)

  8. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread

    No actually ' date=' not once but , well I don't know why but just not happened I rarely get any player offside.[/quote']

    Fair enough, lucky you. My mate Matt has Ibra and Ronaldo in the same team. Only thing that stops him scoring so many against me is Ibra is offside five times a match lol

  9. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread

    Chem doesnt play a part for me tbh it does really low below like 70 but otherwise

    he's fine just scored two and sturridge if got the other so nah.B)

    I will buy AGUERO though even though i don't like small strikers ty. :)

    Look it up how much stats he loses. He would lose a lot of pace and shooting etc. unless you have a ligue 1 manager. Even then it may not help him much.

    Plus he has M/L work rates which means with low chem he will wonder everywhere and mainly offside. I'm sure you may of noticed how many times he goes offside by now lol

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Doesn't at all. May mean he admired your football and it may mean he liked the colour of the shirt. Let's not forget the little boy who always wanted to play for Manchester United...


    Lol he said the same thing about Arsenal though. He just changed it when he moved.

  11. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread

    new team getting bored now -


    Shaw Terry IF Luiz Walker


    Sterling Ox Suarez Sturridge


    got a 1m to spend any ideas ?

    Why even have Ibra on such low chem? Makes him unplayable.

    My advice would be buy Aguero for your BPL team and build a French team for Ibrahimovic ;)

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Wasn't aware Per Mer had actually signed his new contract. This is spectacular news. NOW MAKE HIM CAPTAIN.

    Yeah I didn't know that he was a Arsenal fan as a kid either, showed him in his Arsenal kit on Facebook.

    Glad him and Thomas are here, now just get Sagna.

  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    To prevent a politics discussion. And you can't further removed from politics then the pic of a half naked man. If you want to see more of Giroud go on Google images.

    Fair point. Could of thought of something less erm ... Yeah whatever.

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