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  1. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread To be fair you can build teams that play just as good for 50k than you can for 1 mil. It's just the names that cost a lot. Personally I would never pay 900k for Ribery as he is no better than Reus however I can't bring myself to selling him just yet. Maybe when Bales price drops then I will.
  2. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Ross McCormack has been price fixed due to rumours of his upgrade. It won't be upgraded though as his H2H rating is still the same. Sell now for huge profit. Brought mine for 24k and sold last night for 78k.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not even sure if it's true, I think the media is trying to sell stories out of nothing.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Rumour has it Arsenal are taking legal action.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread That's what I believe as well. No way would a chairman come out and say such a damaging thing.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread What on earth are people on about? If there was a clause and we met it even by £1 then he would be here now. That simple, if he didn't do that and broke the contract then we can file a case and hopefully appeal for a point penalty. John W Henry don't make the laws. Personally I think there wasn't a clause or he is asking for a court hearing and charges made against him. Specially from us as it was our bid that was knocked back.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Your team did great today. You should be very proud and pleased. I don't think you deserved the win but you got it. What's your view on Adam challenge?
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Just so people know if I say the wrong word when I type it's because my iPhone changes the words to ones I have typed more in the past. It annoys me to read back and see, so I know it may annoy you lot as well having to read not only my rubbish but mis spelt or wrong worded tripe
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread You say that like we expected a treble. Let's be realistic before the season no one even gave us a chance of top four after spurs signed all then players. I think personally we can win a trophy, the FA Cup. It doesn't mean much now days but it's realistic. As for the BPL and CL I can't see us winning them but at least we have it a good run. Regardless of what happens I will be a proud Gooner.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Honestly that's our premiership dream over. I always knew Stoke would be tricky but that was hard to take. Should of been a draw but Koss had a minor mistake by leaving his arms up. What annoyed me was how Adam got away with that stamp. It would of changed the game completely but then again I'm sure other teams fans will say ahh look your blaming the ref. I want to be clear. I ain't saying the defeat is down to the ref but it would not of been a defeat. I honestly think we will finish fourth this year, Chelsea, City, Liverpool then us. Really is shame after how good out season is but it shows how important Walcott and Ramsey are, I said it the day Theo got injured. No chance of winning tricky games without them players who make runs behind the defence. Sanogo should of done better but credit to Stoke who played some nice passing with a lot of hoof ball and physicality. Then again what else can they do. Can't wait for the day they get relegated, such a scummy club in general.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Stoke have done well but should of been down to ten. Poor performance from us though, however I wasn't expecting a win.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This is why everyone hates Stoke. Charlie Adam should get a ban from the FA. Poor from the ref to do nothing.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Mesut Ozil has created 73 chances this season for his team mates. More than any player in the top five European league. If this is what he does on a bad season imagine what he is like on form! So funny how the media only point out the bad things to paint a picture. Stoke is going to be tough. Only one win in 11 attempts, it has draw written all over it. However I'm hoping with Rosicky starting we can play a nice pass and move game and grab a goal.
  14. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Just built a whole Bayern team for him with Lewa upfront. Goes nicely with my all Arsenal team lol
  15. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Yeah I put 18,000 coins on and apart from him I got nothing! Literally I think Ashley Young was the only other player to get me over 5k lol Maybe if not then sunday? I'm working til late today.
  16. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread I just packed RIBERY!!!! I went crazy haha how sad!
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