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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not really. It wasn't much of a dive, he didn't even have the ball. He purposely fell to the floor and claimed he got hit in the face. Disgusting little person lol. However Wenger has said he is pleased with his CL performance but didn't answer as to wether he will stay or be sold.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This is what he did. Not what I want to see in football, I know he can learn from that but still that is way below the belt.
  3. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Lol why? Ahhhh Giroud!!!!!!
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Have you seen what he did? Absolutely disgraceful. He ain't even that good,very inconsistent even in Greece.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread He lost all respect when he got an innocent player sent off. It wasn't an Ashley Young dive either, he didn't even have the ball. He pretended that he got hit by Besler and got him sent off. After the match he said he has no regrets and is happy with his form. He is talented but we have plenty of RW and don't need him.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread To replace Bendtner not Giroud or Sanogo.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Mark my words Campbell has no future here. We tried selling him in the summer and we will try and sell again. I take it no one here has ever seen him play until last night. He is known as a cheat and diver, horrible rep worldwide for his antics on Biesler. Talented player but nothing special, people rate him from one good game. He is average at best.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It said in the BBC article that Giroud was the BPL second most involved striker in the BPL. Only a few have scored more but has more assists than most. Still shows he ain't as bad as some make out. Plus he is a great target man who helps our attack immensely. It goes under the radar though as MOTD don't always show that.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Ermmm.... "We"?
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Only thing with that is I didn't doubt him Well I did but that was after his first few games. Since then he has won me over
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Don't add words Rugger. I even said that Giroud is no Ronaldo. Did you see his performance? If you did then you would agree with what I'm saying. His assist was pure class, exactly what I said he offers to the team. Think Overmars said it as well can't think of any more people on here who backed him.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Honestly how did Jenkinson become a pro footballer and better yet how did he end up here? I honestly think I could do a better job. Totally useless lol
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread See this is why I rate Giroud so highly. Scores two and sets up a contender for goal of the season. I hope all doubters take note of this. Not saying he is Ronaldo but he is a class striker. The whole team is playing amazing. Such a shame Chelsea had to score a 90th min winner
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread OMG!!!! What a goal! Great assist from Giroud! Amazing play from us. The Norwich goal all over again! Amazing to watch! Beautiful!
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