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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Been strong on the ball and been deadly with his finishing. He ain't the best player on the field but he is having a good game. Mainly down to Sunderland not pressing and allowing us to play. Podolski is playing great today.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread So Giroud scores twice... Bet those doubters in here feel like muppets now lol
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Been 8 years today that Henry scored that goal against Madrid. I remember that like it yesterday. Legendary moments of the real King Henry!
  4. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Well depends what currency you use. If it is in £ then I would say £30-£40 will get you a very good quality Turtle Beach P11. I currently use this and my mic is very clear with the option to turn down mic or game volume. You can get cheaper but for me personally it's worth spending the extra bit for a Turtle Beach as you don't have to charge them or sync. Plus the quality is vastly superior to the PS headsets.
  5. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread I've had matic, both versions he is very good but his turn of pace in that formation may prove costly. I think Fellaini can offer a better job than him however he is the third best CDM in the BPL in my view.
  6. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Hahaha someone has price fixed Yaya Sanogo to almost 10k!!! was 800 coins before the match lol
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Such a blow that second goal. However I'm still proud of our efforts. We couldn't of tried much more.
  8. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread I have 250k but I have an Arsenal team with SIF Rambo and IF Oxlade I only need 100-150k to get fitness and other squad players lol
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Great goal. Hopefully we can keep it like this.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Proud of our display. Such a shame about the sending off but it was 100% right call from the ref. Nacho was a plonker for allowing Robben to make that run. Poor Szczesny and Cazorla though, they didn't deserve that. I can see Bayern keeping the ball more in the second half to tire us out. Will be very pleased if we can keep it 0-0 but to be honest I can see them nicking a goal. Really pleased with Sanogo, not amazing but has been decent. Ozil will be gutted and he does need to improve but we have discussed this far too much.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Down to 10 men though. Hopefully the fans can be our eleventh man.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well we gave it a good go.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Guys he missed a penalty after winning it. Give him a break, no point in moaning just yet as we are still playing well. Ozil should of scored but that's life. On a side note Sanogo wow!
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Weren't all Germans meant to be amazing at penalties? Think it must be the Turkish in him lol
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Poor penalty but unlucky. He made that penalty with a nice bit of skill. Shame we couldn't of scored. Such a great start, hope we don't flop now we missed that penalty.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Giroud > Sanogo. It could be down to fitness or private life issues.
  17. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread No worries just drop me a PM when needed.
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