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  1. Re: Official SPL Thread I can't believe Rangers are being railroaded into an embargo and yet despite accepting this non-rule that is being enforced, we all now await the EssPeeEll's sanctions.... Cashing in on the fact their TV deal is heavily depleted so lets make money out of the Rangers story no doubt And stripping Rangers of titles??? Please stop with the baloni..... How many refs and players were bribed?? How many fixed scores were made?? The way people go on it's as if Rangers had signed Zidane, Baggio, Van Nistelrooy etc to take on the SPL.... it's a joke - just like Regan and Doncaster
  2. Re: Official SPL Thread He is good... heavily linked with Celtic previously but could do a turn down south... he's way better than the guy you got from Aberdeen!
  3. Re: Official SPL Thread Er... no - Gary Kenneth is one of the worst defenders in the SPL.... he'd be more at home at Oxford Utd than at Derby mate Sorry but he is awful
  4. Re: Official SPL Thread It certainly wasn't at my school either.... we had a school football team at the academy and at my old Primary school but it was never a subject so to speak. At PE, as Lblack has said, we got taught hockey, swimming, athletics, badminton etc etc All the boys wanted to do was play football.... it very rarely happened, it probably depended in what mood the teacher was in and what teacher it was Bit of useless info here - I played for the school basketball team, a sport I had no interest in but tried to make a go of it..... I learned my football in a community coaching programme run by Jearts - by then I was 15 and too old to really do anything! (Although weirdly I attracted interest from a scout when I was there, for an under 12's team!!!!)
  5. Re: Official SPL Thread Interesting point Ian.... lets say hypothetically Rangers gain a license under the name of Rangers Football Club, would that mean they'd be exempt from any punishment as they are essentially a new club?? The transfer embargo is a no go for a start, points deduction??? I don't think so - purely because I don't recall Livingston or indeed Airdrie having points removed from them before a ball was kicked... only Dundee did but they kept their place in their respective division... Dual contracts? Rangers are not guilty of that until proven otherwise in court, plus, in my opinion it would be unfair to hammer the newco because of something a previous owner was advised to do by a financial expert (or so called) Only further punishment for Rangers would be to pay your Rapid Vienna's, Dundee Utd's, Hearts etc the money they were due in transfer and ticket fees. A sporting punishment, plus giving the clubs what should have been given to them as per the original agreement This is my opinion of course And I wish people would stop banging on about integrity - where was the integrity when Airdrie Utd bought their way into the league after going boobs up?? Some of the comments you hear and see from people right now is incredible... and their reasons are based purely on hatred it seems.... Anyways..... what about Hearts?? Brave decision going it with youngsters this season is it not? Good on them, as long as mad vlad doesn't swamp us with duff Lithuanians again! Or worse... A paedophile defender
  6. Re: Official SPL Thread Of course it won't get repossessed.....it is owned by the new owner of rangers.... only if the bank owned the stadium would that happen
  7. Re: Official SPL Thread Had a chuckle when someone phoned the Daily Record phone in having a pop at Turnbull Hutton or whatver his name is (Raith Chief) Basically the guy has a point about him, this is a man from a club through financial hardship played rangers in a mid season friendly to raise cash for the club...... Some thanks Rangers get eh?
  8. Re: Glasgow Rangers
  9. Re: Official SPL Thread Arsenal are much bigger than one player my friend - the whole balance of re-newing your season ticket or not is not based on one player staying or not. Besides, he still has another year on his contract.... As for Juventus, yes it was a different scenario but the fundamentals are still the same - they too were relegated. Glasgow Rangers do not cease to exist either - you seem to forget that. All that was lost was a plc off the title and their SPL status. Rangers are indeed still Rangers. The reason Scotland became a 2 horse race is quite simply money - in the 80s when Dundee Utd and Aberdeen had the success it was because they had the better players. Then money came into the game and seemed to favour the Glasgow pair, hence their dominance... they were able to buy these good players meaning the others couldn't compete
  10. Re: Official SPL Thread Reason for that is Rangers fans don't know what division they'll be in - why commit your bank details to the unknown??? If it's Div 1 then you'll see the last of the SPL squad staying and playing for them as well as the youth players coming in as well and they'll be sorted. If it's Div 3, well.... I can't see guys like Wallace and McCulloch, Edu, Alexander etc etc staying then they would use the free money left over to snap up good players from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions to make up the squad. Bear in mind that for a lot of guys that is a dream to play for such a massive club. If Juventus can bounce back from adversary (albeit in different circumstances) then Rangers can too. New records will be set for the 3rd divisions highest attendances.... and set new record lows for Rangers at the same time. I still don't fancy an away trip to East Stirling...... how they are still in the football league is a farce.... Pyramid system please... give some other guys a turn
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