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  1. Titulli: Fantastic Man City En. C. 15607 or id 110737 also i have Manchester United at ID:15038 i have all best players andi have win the title last 2 seasons
  2. Titulli: Please remove conncer UNH problem Dude i have Reus and Verthongen in concern list and you say only good players can enter in concern list
  3. THis is being a big problem please SM remove this pproblem
  4. Re: Can we see the match??? Why will bee posible to see the match???
  5. Is posible to see the match when match start????
  6. Re: Add Albanian league at SM Please open a league like Albanian league 100
  7. Please add Albanian league at SM . Clubs like....Kukes,TIrana,Luftetari,skenderbeu,teuta,laci etc
  8. Re: Read this! To do all things like do a president in real life. Do SOccer better menage like in real life
  9. SM how you say to do a club to have president,coach etc.A president can take a coach at his team if he dont make good at club he cant remove hime. with this SM can do more better
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