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  1. Re: ||'LA MASIA: INSPIRED'|| - Custom Gameworld [MANAGERS NEEDED] MANUTD HAMMER HOPELESS SPARTAK MOSKVA Welbeck and scholes score a hat-trick whereas ferdinand was also on the score sheet for his team that takes Manutd on top of the table!
  2. Re: New Custom League. A Dutch Championship will be great too What about a gameworld like prtoege a rookie and a pro?
  3. Re: The super scout Bayern munich have appointed Red-Devil as the club's new manager the chairman expects great success from the new manager they have been given the tiny budget of 10m to do that when asked from the manager these were his thoughts Good luck to everybody:D
  4. Re: :::ec 20k:::(will you be there) I will tell you when it opens so you will pick your club yourself.
  5. Re: :::ec 20k:::(will you be there) It would be a normal English Championship with forumers.
  6. 40 clubs will fight for this title who will take it to the biggest stage the SMFA Uefa world CUP it is still yet to be seen Dare to try if you have got the heart. Show your Interest right here. Intrested 4/40 Red-Devil Humble Scholes Ashtini NicholasBig96
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