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  1. I think that all of us who play this game are competitive and it seems to me that the manager rating system really needs to be changed. At the moment as far as I can tell the 'Best' manager in a game world is simple the guy who has been doing it the longest. Maybe there is a reason for this ? Surely at the very least in the 'Best' managers table there should be something to show how many trophies each manager has won, maybe with distinctions between Euopean, leagues, cups etc. But also wouldnt it be better if this table actually meant something ? Because no manager is ever sacked, being given points just for staying there forever no matter how little success you have is meaningless. I imagine I speak for most managers in this game in saying that the two things which represent achievement are either taking a small club and working through the leagues to be in competition for the top division (this is already made even harder because even when you have Messi, Ronaldo and Bale in your team and you win the league every year you have the same attendance as when you were bottom of the 4th division !!!!) Or simply winning relentlessly with a big club and trying to have the most perfect season possible. I dont see why it would be hard to make this aspect of the game have more meaning and I think that it would really enhance the experience by hightening the competition.
  2. Re: Finance- wages wrong I had the same problem. Crystal Palace - English Championship 1836 in the finance page my wages are 1.w m per week, then for 9 weeks straight it was 2.3 - 2.5 now it has just gone back to 1.2 What is going on, it is hard enough trying to get somewhere in this game with a small club, i have taken palace up from 3rd div to 1st and now this happens ?
  3. For a while I have been thinking there should be a thread of records from across all the leagues. I am quite new to the forum so I am not sure exactly the best way to do the thread. Any suggestions welcome. One of the things that made me think about this was my wolves side (EC7778) recently played a friendly and had 98 shots !!! has anyone ever had 100 ? I meant to take a screengrab and then the season ended so I cant. This thread is intended for any records, most points in a season, most goals/assists by a player in a season (or match), most shots in a match, anyhing really, just post a screengrab. I look forward to seeing what everyones teams have done. I have started with my second most shots also my biggest friendly win...
  4. Hello I manage Crystal Palace in English Championship 1836 I started in 3rd division. Won it in first season and am in with a very good chance of finishing second in division 2 in my second season. I am a Palace fan and I bought ZAHA right at the begining. His stats in his first season were pretty crazy. Played 32 Goals 34 assists 23 (both best in the division) This season in second division Played 30 Goals 16 Assists 13 (both currently best in the division) He is rated 84, by a distance the worst in my team, but I like him in real life and he is consistantly my best player, his strike partner is Giroud who has way worse stats. My question is does form mean anything, if I get promoted it is insane to play a guy rated 84 but so far his low rating doesnt seem to matter. I would love any advice on this. thanks in advance
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