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  1. Re: Three Uruguayan Prospects - Money to be made Nice one! I have picked up all 3
  2. Re: The global minnows super league- Transfer/Match Report Thread Thanks, this looks like it's going to be a good league
  3. Re: The global minnows super league- Transfer/Match Report Thread Is it too late to join this league?
  4. Any thoughts on Lee Hughes? I'm not sure if they (SM) have finished rating the Oldham team but surely a big rise is on the cards? Typical Oldham player goes at around 75-80. Missed the 1st part of the season stirring porridge but has come out and started scoring goals for fun again... This Season Competition Team Apps Start Sub Goals Y/Cards R/Cards League One Oldham Athletic 15 12 3 8 3 - FA Cup Oldham Athletic 1 1 - - - - Ratio 1 in 2 which is better then most! Apologies if this has been done before, I have done a search and nothing has come up. Dan
  5. Re: Eduardo Listen dude, I typed Eduardo into the search box and guess what come up...? Nothing, that's what! So get your facts right before you try and lecture others on etiquette. I have been using forums on the web for years and know what’s what. When you grow up you might find that it’s more helpful pointing people in the right direction rather then coming across as a total prat. You could try that in life too, it might help you get some respect…Well it might not. Dan
  6. Re: Eduardo Thanks, I'll take a look! Dan
  7. Re: Eduardo I did, nothing come up.... Just because it's my 1st post, it doesn't mean I don't know how to use a forum. I sugest you keep your remarks to yourself next time unless you have something constructive to say...! Dan
  8. Anyone know why his rating hasn't changed? 20 games for his club and scored 10 goals. 12 games for his country and he has scored 10 goals... Perhaps it will still change but as Arsenal seem to have been rated it seems a bit of a mystery..? A top class International forward how will will playing in the 2008 Euro's... This Season Competition Team: Apps - Start - Sub - Goals - Y/Cards - R/Cards Premiership Arsenal 11 8 3 3 2 - Carling Cup Arsenal 4 3 1 4 1 - Champions League Arsenal 4 2 2 2 - - FA Cup Arsenal 1 1 - 1 - - BTW this is my 1st post so.. Da
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