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  1. 3 of the 4 players that you have as unborn are on the SM database, Joshua Earl = Josh Earl (80), Matt Penney = Matthew Penney (70) and Tom Edwards (76). Owned Edwards and Earl in a couple of worlds for their rises at the end of last season. Just a heads up incase you didn't know, hope it helps. :) Thanks aswell by the way for a great thread and putting the time in to do it!
  2. How likely is Romagnoli, Suso and Mertens to get a +1? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I'd be giving Goretzka for Asensio.
  4. Been offered Asensio (level 4 concern) for my goretzka (level 1 concern) Am i stupid to accept? As if he reaches level 5 there would be be quite a lot of teams bidding the maximum for him. Also, how likely is Asensio to get 92 this review?
  5. How likely is Jose Gimenez, Hysaj and Casemiro to get a +1?
  6. Odriozola, TAA, Gomez, Arana(doubt he'll rise this review), Mukiele(Just moved to RBL), Hateboer, Dubois, Mendy, Chillwell, Tierney, Lukaku, Calabria, Gosens, Hadergjona(+1)j, Van aanholt (should get a +1, finished the season well). Few are 86, but all are <87 and should all rise/be around that after this review. I'm sure you're already aware of some of them but i thought I'd throw them in there just in case. Also, Should i trade my Griezemann for Varane + Alaba? He's my best player. I play a 3-5-2 With Griezmann and Icardi up front. Would change to a 4-2-3-1 with Alaba and Varane starting at the back. Thanks in advance!
  7. Any chance of a Kevin Diks rise? Or would he have rise when the Eredivisie was reviewed?
  8. Any chance Ousmane Dembele get a +1?
  9. Any chance of a +1 for the following Dybala, Isco, Pogba, Coutinho. Been offered Sterling + one of the above for my Hazard. Seems a no brainer to accept just not sure for which one. Hazard is my best player, second best is Umtiti at 91.
  10. Any chance of Jose Gimenez, Mattia Caldara or Gagliardini getting a +1
  11. Been offered 30mil + Donnaruma + Diawara for Alli. Should i accept? Alli starts/rotates with Forsberg and Dembele. I have Ederson in goal.
  12. Chances of the following getting a +1 Alli Rashford Gagliardini Phillip Fekir Bernardeschi Thanks.
  13. How would you rank Fekir, Eriksen, Sterling? I can sign 2 of them. Also what chance do each have at rising? Thanks.
  14. Predictions for the following? Ramos Bonucci Romagnoli Tielemans Henrichs Alex Sandro Jose Gimenez Stones Werner Cyprien Thanks. EDIT; Also, Donnarumma or Ederson? Surely ederson will get a +1, what about Donnarumma?
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