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  1. I agree, I posted couple of weeks back about how some Getafe players should have gone to 90 but the squad cap was holding them back, and there are plenty of examples of players who should be 90 or should rise beyond their squad cap. Seems like a lot are more annoyed with Grealish getting a 90 than others who deserve it not getting it, whereas it should be the other way round. I think with Grealish they should be applauded for getting it right for once.
  2. Grealish didn't deserve a 90 because he was Villa's best player, but because he is a 90 rated player in an 87 rated team. He carried them to such an extent that he should be an exception to any squad cap, and that's how it should be. I agree Digne at 91 is a bit much though.
  3. He scored a couple of very important goals but unfortunately showed no other sign of any of the skills required to be a winger. He is lucky to be as high as he is imo.
  4. Grealish easily deserves a 90, forget who he plays for, he is so far ahead of the rest of his team mates it's laughable. The fact he is 90 and the next best Villa player is 87 clearly reflects his situation within the team.
  5. Bit harsh to decrease Criscito I thought? Seems like a victim of his team having a poor season, but in reality he has been good and his goalscoring stats for a defender should have at least kept him at an 88, even if a lot have been penalties.
  6. Bit disappointed with the Getafe ratings, surely Etxieta should have got at least a +1, first teamer in 4th best defence in La Liga. And their cap should have risen to 90 as they finished ahead of Valencia and Athletic who have a higher cap and were challenging for Champions League spots before lockdown. Djene has been one of the best defenders in the league for the last couple of seasons now and should be 90, and Arambarri and Maksimovic should have gone to 90 too.
  7. Intima should get a nice rise just from his performance against Moreirense!
  8. It would help if the loan system was more flexible, especially for goalkeepers. I have a first team average of above 90 and yet cannot loan out players rated 88 or above despite their age. Surely a young player who is not near the standard of the first team would be happy to go out on loan to get playing time. But instead we are stuck with a system where the player is unhappy over a lack of games but can’t be loaned out. You should be able to loan out any under 90 players of a certain age (ie under 23). It’s even more ridiculous with goalkeepers as 88 and above rated expect to play so m
  9. Re: New player positions! Don't really see why they couldn't just keep the old positions but add a third or fourth one when necessary ie Reus could have been fwd,wing,am. It looked better and described the positions in proper football terms. Its like who ever describes Ashley Cole as a left sided defender? He's a left back! And a winger is very different from an AM who can play on the right or left ie gotze is an AM who can do this, but is a totally different player to say di maria who is more an out an out winger. However on SM they are now exactly the same, whereas before I think they were
  10. Re: New way to deal with concerns And this feature is only remotely realistic if a players contract has ran out or is expiring. The fact you will be forced to either sell or offer inflated wages to players with 3 or 4 years left on their contract is ridiculous!
  11. Re: New way to deal with concerns Great, so I pretty much sell my entire high rated cup team due to concerns (including some very talented players), get knocked out in the first round of both cups as a result... and then they bring in this new rule meaning all that was avoidable! This game has been a joke ever since they closed the loopholes in the concerns system. they should have just left it as it originally was or not brought it in in the first place. How can you properly manage a squad, and the game be kept fair, if the rules are constantly changing?
  12. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Who cares what would happen in real life, this is not real life, its a game. If it was like real life then we wouldn't play every sat-mon-wed, division 4 teams with money wouldn't be able 2 buy anyone they liked (including high rated division 1 concerned players - like that could really happen), but then the game would be rubbish. SM needs to readress the balance between fun and realism and remember what its about (trying 2 win trophies n developing youth players). Concerns make doing both of these almost impossible. If SM
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