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  1. Re: Rewarding Loyalty Good idea, these are my suggestions: 1. Possibility to manage only one club in Gold Cham. 2. Possibility to manage europen match in standard cham.(of course, tiredness player on!) 3. One extra club slot. Sorry for my bad english. I have more ideas, I will not say all of them now. Enjoy!
  2. Re: .:10000 bc:. I watched a little history of this game world and seen that in DIV 1 SES 1 won Man City and Cup won Udinese. SES 2 DIV 1 won Celtic and Cup City. Then I seen best menagers and theres no Hypia. I wonder how a man who knows all the possible counter formations can not even win a championship or cup? No offense.
  3. Re: .:10000 bc:. I am new manager of Totemham.Hello everyone. I have question? When I can start with transfers? When I get schedule for season 3 or before that? Season 3 – clubs buy players aged 28+ only… and so on. At the end of every season, each club is allowed to buy ONE U21 player rated 88 or less.
  4. Re: .:10000 bc:. Hi' date=' do you know the rules? Make a post on the thread, and tell us what you know about the rules [/quote'] Season 1 – clubs buy players aged 30+ only Season 2 – clubs buy players aged 29+ only Season 3 – clubs buy players aged 28+ only… and so on. At the end of every season, each club is allowed to buy ONE U21 player rated 88 or less. No club is allowed to spend more than £60 million per season (net spend), this includes the buying of youths at the end of every season. If these are rules,I accept.I agree with them. Its only Totemham free club?
  5. Re: Tactics Help Thread How to play against this? Tackling Style Hard Mentality Normal Passing Style Short Attacking Style Mixed Tempo Normal Pressing Own Half Counter-Attack Yes Men Behind Ball Yes Tight Marking No Play Offside No Use Play Maker No Use Target Man No
  6. One player in my world offer me Xavi Alonso.Does this player stay 94, he have 30 years.I think that he is major player in middle in Real, but Real is big club,maybe come some younger better player?The question is does I should I buy Alonso?Pls fast answer some great managers.
  7. Re: Tactics Help Thread I need advice: H.LLORIS M.HUMMELS G.PIQUE N.SUBOTIC M.ÖZIL J.MARTÍNEZ A.DZAGOEV D.SILVA J.PASTORE G.HIGUAIN E.DZEKO 3-4-1-2 Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Defansive Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Down both flenk Tempo: Normal Pressing:Own half Play Style: No Counter-Attack: No Men Behind Ball: No Tight Marking: No Play Offside Trap: No Use Playmaker: No Use Target Man: Yes I have very very solid squad...but I dont have result.I am in middle of league and that is disappointing.I think that problem is in taktic.Please Help to save the championship.
  8. Re: Youth Team Clear Out: Please Help You dont have big lose because your youth team.You have because first time.Probably you have the best player and they have big wage.
  9. I play this game 2 and half years.And time is come when I cant make offer for good player.WHY?Because all players are Unavailable!!! look picture http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/607/sm2p.png/ How dont understand what picture says I will say.Say that you cant buy good player, because Unavailable thing.I have 2 solution for this. 1. I think that Unavailable think need delated,if you dont wont sell player you can rejected offer. 2.Only make that 2 or 3 player can be unavailable. Plese that owner or administration see this topic.
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