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  1. Some Suggestions 1. Club and Country list to be permanently hosted on one side of the screen, the list is now small enough from the top menu so can be hosted their making switching teams much easier than it is now, where it's hidden away in a drop box, making the actuality of swapping teams overly difficult and complicated. Straight forward should be the way to go, rather than burying a key feature 2. New Player Pop up. Move the actions bar some where more prominent top right is horrendous, and listed across as before was easier to navigate. If you must have it as a drop down, put it some where more noticable and easier to use. What was one click to do now requires several more. Hardly increasing ease of use 3. Overall new player pop up. Put the player stats on the top of the screen going across with the box for stats shifted down slightly and then the actions box under the players name in a logical location. Much easier and simpler to use, nothing buried and maintains a sleekness to the site. 4.Transfer actions to be put in a box beneath the team boxes that I suggested above. So for example, say you switch to Team A, underneath the list of team boxes you will have the current loan/transfers requests there so they are easier to deal with, It's an important part of the game so why make it cumbersome. The transfer box as per the team box would pull through to every screen. Id hope that these would certainly make the whole thing much easier to navigate and more accessable to play. rather than the mess we have at current Cheers
  2. Re: Sign the petition!! Those who are against SM continuing to ruin the game! The new layout is impractical it takes more clicks to do stuff and is not user friendly in the slightest, burying things away and making the basics of the game harder to do is not going to help any. Was any of this even play tested? Ever? Who thought it would be a good thing to implement? The player pop up is now largely redundant, with skills and position buried in a load of meaningless stats, whilst the meaningless stats that were nicely hidden before now make the majority of the pop up, rendering it next to useless. So that's two of the major starting points of the game that have been messed up. It's harder to view the important things and get the information required, making scouting ridiculous.
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Just a quick note, and you will love this. Got a bug response regarding Schurrle. Because he hadn't played before injury he got the concern. So it isnt an error:eek: So bearing in mind that he couldn't play because of injury, so had no way of increasing the percentage and still cant play as is injured til next week and then will need to get to 100 per cent or as near as. The number of games left of the season, circa 13. He is going to rise again, even if I play him in every game isnt he? Wonderous NB ( I accept that he wasnt played at the start of the season, surprisingly though I wanted to get some points on the board and then blood the younger players) First team squad of 23. So everyone does get their chance, clearly however this shouldnt be done and you must have a first xi and then youth/dev squad. However even then there will be issues? Simple solution to all of this. Have max squad of 50. 1st team squad of 17 and then dev players no higher than 85. Will cause outrage, but will 'share' the wealth as they want. Will make it a complete chore though and unreflective of RL
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Its me again, and today the curse of the injured player getting a non playing concern was raised Andre Schurrle has been out injured in one of my teams for the past 5 weeks. So has been unable to play. Guess what? Yup, a level 1 lack of games concern, despite it actually being impossible to play him:confused: Yet another bug raised. It's getting beyond the pale Edit: In a complete shock to no one Sahko in yet another game gets raised to Level 4 after playing 27 out of 38.. What's the point? No really what is the point
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Well the quickest one has been answered' date=' regarding Dzeko, which is something. Seems that rotating the squad to deal with injuries, low health and stuff is not the done thing. Also dont play players as subs, because they will get concerns Dzeko has played apart in 42 out 52 games, because the majority were subs appearences he has effectively played 26.5 games, which by my reckoning is still over half, just. However 75% rule means an increase in his concern level Here is the answer from SM So with a squad totalling 48, 23 first team (range 88-95) , 22 youth (70-89) and 3 on loan (83,84,85) I have 7 first teamers with concerns and 1 youth teamer with concerns. In the grand scheme of thing, it isn't a massive squad, what with 2 rounds of cups in the domestic and Euro Games to play, I do a great deal of rotation, however this appears not to be the done thing as it actually means that players can never be happy. This is even though I have a squad size that is about equal to that of say Man United (28 first teamers, 26 youth or thereabouts) Man City's actual squad works out about (32 first teamers, 24 youth) I can understand if it is trying to mimic real life with the concerns, and take that perhaps 3 or 4 would get the hump not playing, but 7 including my 88 ressie keeper who has to oust Joe Hart.. is a bit insane. It needs tweaking as it's impossible to keep players happy, in a squad size and skill level that would be akin to squads in real life
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Quick update on my 'bug' regarding the 19/83 getting concerns for not playing.. I got auto responsed Since then I have had Edin Dzeko go from a level 1 to a level 2 concern regarding not being played despite being involved with at some point in 42 out 52 games in all competitions I've played with my Man City team. Yup hardly what I'd call not playing I now have 4 or so bugs listed, asking for responses as to why some players are going up in concern levels when they dont fit any 'known' criteria for it. I'm a Gold Manager, and out of those Bugs, at least 3 are over 72 hours old. I'm all for sharing the wealth and whatnot, but when it is affecting players who are 1st choice, actual youth players who are no where near the first team in smaller squads ( 30 players or less), or are playing over this randomer 75% rule, then there are issues It's not going well is it?
  8. Re: Matchday Experience Add me to the I prefer less clicks to get to the match report. I dont have time to watch the matches, and getting to the match report is now clumsy and cumbersome. Direct Link would be preferable cheers
  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Add me to the sign ups just to post about this Alcantra Rafinha 19/83 has just got a concern about not playing, despite being in the youth team, and effectively about 8th choice for my Sheffield United side (English Championship 8130). I didnt think it was even possible for such a player to get non playing concerns? It's getting to be a bit ridiculous and is getting close to being the straw that broke the camels back. I got him as a 75, he has gone up for sure, but isnt good enough for first team action. So my options with a smaller/younger squad, well, a squad packed of youth is to wait until he goes to level 4 or whatever and hope I have enough cash to buy a replacement. Or play him to the detriment of my team (Use him for cup games anyway) Plenty of my other teams have concerns that are impossible to get rid of, like Loaned out level 3 concerns, despite, er, not being listed for loan, nor on loan anymore (recalled when got to level 3) Ideas?
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