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  1. Re: Player concerns - constructive suggestions Yes I've noticed the concern for being loaned out too, but one the things which makes it worse also, is the amount of unhappy players, it makes it unrealistic (yes you have unhappy players in real life, but not on the scale SM have it) I know it is partly to stop managers hogging all the best players, and to get some players back to their original clubs, but that's what football is like, the richest teams buy up the best players. Another odd thing is, Lukaku has gone out on loan for one of teams, but the Chairman blocks it for another
  2. Re: Player concerns - constructive suggestions For me the obvious solution to players becoming unhappy with lack of games, is to have an active reserve set up, which could maybe slow down their concerns (SM could obviously still have them concerned at playing the reserves only, but the level could rise slower, as they would actually be getting games) and managers would also see how each particular player is playing; if they are playing better than one in the first team, they could earn a stint (which could cheer them up and bring their concern level down)
  3. I think Oscar is rated too low (87) although he hasn't really proved himself yet, I do think his general play warrants an upgrade of a point or two
  4. With the sheer amount of unhappy players im SM it's making the game a little unrealistic (there aren't that many unhappy players in real life) I understand why Sm do it, to get player back to there real life clubs if possible and to prevent large squads of 90+ players which no-one else is able to buy (it is a good idea, if on a smaller scale) so I think we should have a right to reply. We could have a few set answers to give to the players when they become unhappy (such as they will play most games, but will be rested (just an example) and if some can like the answer straight away and become
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