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    Re: Gold Championship 300
    PSV has bounced back since the away defeat against Ajax. Defeating NEC and Feyenoord both 1-0.
    Tonight after two days of rest they traveled to Turin against a Juventus who decided to keep Cristiano Ronaldo benched for the full 90 minutes! A Juventus side desperate for three points after losing to an in-form Zenit. Eindhoven's best performance of the season came against a out-of-depth Seattle Sounders.
    The first half was a stalemate. However, things changed ALOT. 62% possession , 16 corners to 3, and the other team being on there knees with ten men, you would be laughed at if you predicted 3-1 to PSV, but every travelling Eindhoven fan will be ecstatic right now with one hand holding a bottle of beer in Turin and the other on an Italian prostitutes thigh!
    Tuzla's men sit top of their group with Zenit behind on goal difference. in which in pre-season they angered fans by saying they wont take it seriously until the team has developed in two or three years. There's still four games left but PSV would be slapping themselves if they failed to qualify now!
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    Iliass BEL HASSANI

    (Bel Hassani, right)
    SM Statistics
    Club: Sparta Rotterdam
    Age: 20
    Rating: 75
    Value: 560k
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: 72kg
    My knowledge
    Bel Hassani is a 20 year Moroccan-Dutch footballer. He was born on the 16th September 1992. He operates as an attacking midfielder. Recently playing behind the striker but is also very effective on the right wing and left. Like many left footers he is phenomenal at cutting inside from the right flank to shoot, also comfortably with his right foot, ball control and shooting wise.
    Growing up he speaks of how his life could've easily led in a wrong direction by street life in Rotterdam, with his best friend Martins Indi who is now at Feyenoord. He mentions how when he was young he watched a friend get murdered, he seems to have a humble personality.
    Back to the football, he's been with Rotterdam since 2010. Making his breakthrough to the first team in the 2011/2012 season, clocking 2342 minutes, starting 30 matches and scoring 5 goals which resulted in Rotterdam finished runners up but failed to gain promotion after Willem won the play-offs.
    Iliass has told the fans on the clubs website that he wants to play in the Eredivisie with Rotterdam but if that can't happen this season he may have to leave to a bigger club. The club are currently top of the Jupiter league by two points after 25 games. Despite losing there last match at home to MVV, Bel Hassani believes Rotterdam will last the marathon as the challengers MVV don't have enough depth.
    He's already clocked 2109 minutes of football this season with 7 goals, more than any other midfielder in the team.
    Here is a recent video to get an insight of his best moments so far with Rotterdam.

    Please note this is my first scout report I've done and searched the forum and couldn't see a single thread about Bel Hassani

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