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    See that's what i wanted. A way to see everything i have done with the club.
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    Hey guys apologies 1st of all if this is in the wrong section. I have been a manager of a club for 13 seasons. I know i can see the history of the previous 2 seasons, is there a way that i can see archived seasons?
  3. Re: Finances, Attendance and more I liked this discussion, however i will get involved in any argument. I do however believe better prize money is a must. I am a manager of swansea city who in game play were only ever division 2 or 3, i am happy to say that they are now top flight with qualifying for Europe every season. Except for play off final i have never won a trophy and i play the game knowing that swansea have limited capabilities due to financial restraints. I make a small but accepted profit on every home game and i lose money on every away game. I have money in the bank in which i could easily buy multiple big signings but refuse to do so as it would cripple club.
  4. This may be shot down by players of the game, but i would like everyone's opinion on players with 1 season left on contract. I think to add more realism when players are in this situation other managers should have an option to needs the player a contract ready for the next season. This could easily be implemented with the club losing the possible player at 75% players worth (just like free agent). I also think when a player has been transferred at their own request, then a bid should automatically be accepted. A player in my game (Mario Gomez) requested a transfer and i bid £5m above minimum amount, it was rejected with the manager saying he would only sell for £45m which was £20m Over amount, which is ridiculous.
  5. Re: Player Honours? I really like this idea. It would also add a mental value when someone tries to buy a player realise what that player has done and possibly think i will pay slightly more then originally wanted too.
  6. Re: Home Advantage anyone? I have been on this game for a couple years myself, i have just started my 6th season with the same club, in those six years i have on averaged won 7 games at home and draw 6, 4 seasons ago i lost 14 home league matches in a row. Something certainly needs sorting.
  7. Re: Quicker transfers So surely simple solution would be then since 1st bid made the completion of transfer is 24 hours. So if a bid does come in then it will not hold anything up.
  8. Re: Quicker transfers Not at all, 24 is plenty for the beginning of the bid to completion of transfer, but that simply isn't the case. Last week i bid for a player on Tuesday morning 10ish, Wednesday morning 5ish another bid was placed on the player, Then nothing, Thursday lunchtime 1ish the bids were accepted, Friday morning 2am my bid won. If you think this is acceptable then fair play i myself do not. Everyone talks about time zones, which i always laugh when then say 24 hours must be given, in fact realistically only 12-18 hours need to be given. But this is a proposition that will divide many players on this game. So how about an actual timing of transfers. Once a bid is made then 24 hours is timed so bids can be changed, added or even rescinded. Once a bid(s) accepted then maybe a further couple of hours for choosing the club to sign for. Oh and fyi not all transfers take weeks to prepare, some even take less then a day. We all want to add realism to the game but only if it suits us personally, which is okay in some circumstances but not everyone can enjoy the game if they deemed it either slow or worse boring.
  9. I am assuming that this has possibly been discussed many times, but i like to stoke the flames of an open fire. Basically i wonder what people would think of having a transfer window. Possibly day after end of season to perhaps 4 games in of the season, then perhaps a January style window with it being open for 3 or 4 games around the 21 game mark. This will only happen to players already with clubs, so it means that free agents can still be signed and to even it out a little perhaps allow teams to be able to loan players during the season. Im sure there will be a mixture of responses with yays and neighs. But personally it will make it slightly more realistic without making it unfair to anyone, in fact could surely make the game slightly better.
  10. Re: Quicker transfers 24 hours? I am still waiting on acceptance of an external transfer, has already been about 24 hours then i would have to wait for it to be completed, which in turn can also be a further 24 hours. I understand the different timezones and completely get that people will log in at different times of the day/night, howoever i still feel the process can be sped up.
  11. I am starting to get annoyed at how long it takes for an external transfer to take place. I just logged on to check to see if transfer offer for a player has been accepted but no instead it looks like i will be gazumped by a bigger club again. It gets monotonous that i find little treasures from external clubs but usually miss out because it takes to long for the bid to be accepted so all it then takes is a big club to then offer more money and i miss out on yet another player. This will have happened 4 times this calendar year alone.
  12. Re: Loan refusals Its happened to me too. Also think its stupid when an unhappy player level 3-4 will not be allowed out on loan because the chairman won't allow it. Lets the final decision be made by the manager.
  13. Re: New view of the website The new interface and other changes are now preventing me from viewing matches, so now instead of having the 3 minutes of whether i will win draw or lose, now i have click match report tab and find out in half a second, how boring. Please change it back.
  14. Re: Shortlist comments It is a suggestion that has potential, However you can't limit the amount of information a manager collates. Realism to the game however would be to put an end to the being notified when another manager bids. I for one have been on the end of this missed out on the player who now doesn't play regularly, he not even allowed out on loan. Maybe this is something that can be addressed, loaning out players shouldn't have a restriction from the chairman, surely the manager doesn't require him for the season he should be allowed to loan them out?
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