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  1. We've also had no fixtures in GC324 for a year next week. Why we give the clowns who run this site money I have no idea, they'll be laughing at us until we take it further and request money back, take it higher.
  2. They're gone, so far as I can tell.
  3. What on earth are we paying for, when GC's, that we've paid to be a part in, can just randomly decide to not have any fixtures scheduled come the end of the season? Next week it'll be an entire damn year since GC324 had a fixture scheduled. Absolute joke, and worthy of a refund, surely. Will take this further if need be...
  4. Nearly December now, still no fixtures set since July and no communication from SM. Don't think I'll be renewing my Gold Membership, as is the case with unfortunately so many others. As a SM user since 2007, it is such a shame to see it end this way with no real care from those at the top.
  5. This has happened to me before but has never taken this long to resolve, GC324 has been 'dead' since the end of the season for over 3 weeks now with no fixtures being scheduled.
  6. Internazionale - GC77 Very good squad, I should know as it was my own Lots of talented youths to go with a first team which always won the league for me despite a great rival in Frosinone, another of my old teams! If you deserve this team you should go check them out (remember there's very good players loaned out) which you won't see on the preview. Likes of Ronaldo, Koke, Varane as star players with youth including Sterling, Alli, Sane, Umtiti, Iheanacho, Rashford, Jesus, Pulisic, Iwobi, TFM and many more. Seriously if you actively play SM as a gold member you should w
  7. Bayern - GC123 MULLER. POGBA, ALABA, OZIL, COSTA, ROONEY, ROBBEN, LAHM, RIC.RODRIGUEZ, TIELEMANS are the stand-outs. Surely - SURELY enough to be picked? Or I really do give up posting here.
  8. Lyon - 176 Includes... De Gea, Bale, Oscar, Saul, Bernat, Lloris, Brahimi, Alcacer, Morata, Umtiti
  9. This is my fear, though I really feel 91 is more than fair for him considering he's been a standout performer in a team at the same level this season as Barca and Real, if they win the CL tonight a 90 seems pretty harsh, never mind 89.
  10. I'd avoid Abdenour, Valencia have been very poor and it's unlikely there will be a big turnaround even with a change of manager. At Liverpool, I'd rate Matips chances of success far higher than Lovrens.
  11. Ozil and Reus are guaranteed min of 94 for what looks like a long time, whereas Odegaard will not reach anything above 90 for a long time and Kane at his best potential will only match Ozil / Reus' current rating, so it's a no brainer.
  12. Thiago without a doubt, has far more potential to consistently rise at Bayern, whereas Eriksen has just enjoyed probably Spurs' best season for as long as he's there and yet he stays at 91. One thing to mention however is that Thiago is not guaranteed to start with Bayerns packed CM options, especially after the signing of Sanches. Still a far better investment than Eriksen at the moment though.
  13. Pleased to see Kane get his 91 today, though feel a 92 would've also been fair - understand the decision though. Amuses me to think of Veni Vedici, a manager some of you may have come across, calling him a 'one hit wonder' back in December, in response to me offering Kane as part of a deal for Courtois, who hasn't been so great since. On another note, feel Iheanacho deserved more than 83, feel 85 would've been more justified. If Hazards avoided dropping to 94, I'm pretty shocked. And surely Mahrez will rise tomorrow.
  14. Man United - 324 187042 Neymar, De Gea, Lewandowski, Pogba, Isco. Cavani, Hummels. Gotze, Eriksen, Depay, Rooney, Leno, Hernandez, Moura Porto interested in deals
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