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  1. Re: ASL - American Soccer League I'm very interested in this league. If no one has been offered or called dibs on FC Edmonton or the LA Blues I'll raise my hand for either.
  2. Hey folks, I've started a minnows league, and I'd like to invite you all to join. It's all minnow teams, mostly from Europe. The idea is to create competition by restricting access to 80 rated and below, so no rushing out to get Messi and Ronaldo Some teams have a few 80+ players, which is fine, and if you have a player whose rating skyrockets, well, that's fine too, you just can't go and bankrupt a team buying names. So, the id for the world is 144899. Members are approved, but I won't refuse anyone. Thanks, Gabe
  3. Re: More lower division teams So, I went ahead and created a minnows league: 4 divisions, 10 teams each. You can only buy 80 and below and all the teams are 2/3/4th division teams. There are lots of teams free, so join if you like. It's by application but I won't refuse anyone. The ID is 144899.
  4. I'd like to see more lower divisions in the more obscure leagues available in SM: I manage 6 teams currently and would probably use up the rest of my slots on 2nd or 3rd division teams in other leagues. Finnish 2nd division? Count me in! Russian 3rd division? I'm there! Cheers!
  5. g_piller

    A noob here

    Just thought I'd say hello. I'm new to the forums but I've been playing SM for a few months now. Lovin' it. I guess the basics are: Male, 30, Canada. FC St. Pauli supporter, but love a number of other clubs. Cheers, Gabe
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