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    I am Canadian, 'nuff said.
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    David Beckham. Lionel Messi
  1. Re: French Championship 2642 | Discussion Thread, M/R's and Transfer News! I've joined taking over Toulouse!
  2. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Well, I sold off two of my better midfielders, so I have money, and I am in the market for mid fielders rated 91 or higher.
  3. Re: EC2933 Reporting Thread FULHAM MAKES PROMOTION CAMPAIGN FOOTBALL - ROBERT JOURNAL LONDON -- Fulham FC of London have forever, been a Division Two side, with no where to go. That has changed. Since Nick Romanow's takeover of the club, late last season, Fulham have been on a sharp uphill trend, and they look like they just might have a shot at promotion. The Cottagers have been on a major role this season, so far. Only one lose has been recorded, an away fixture versus Calisle United, the team who is currently atop the table, and only two fixtures have ended in a draw. The rest of the matches have been wins, and there is no lack of them at all. Fulham is currently second on the table, only one point behind Carlisle United. Nearly every player playing match in, and match out, has been doing extremely well, and Romanow's new tactical formation, the 3-5-2, has been working to perfection. But, just how is Romanow managing to bring Fulham from zero to hero? Romanow is a historic Canadian prodigy of a manager. He had a very short lived career. His career technically kicked off at the age of sixteen, when he became a striker for the Canadian Under-17 team. His professional career started out in Oxford Unitied, playing in League 1 for most of his time. In Oxford, Romanow became a Rhodes Scholar, and spent two years earning an associate's degree in Biology. Not long after graduation, he was abruptly, and somewhat happy to be, sold to the Toronto Blizzard, who were a North American Soccer League (NASL), aand have since ceased to exist, and could be considered a previous incarnation of today's Toronto FC. After the Blizzard's break up in 1993, where he then was moved to the Toronto Italia, part of the second rate, Canadian National Soccer League. He, for the first time in his career, was a routine starter, and lead his team to two regular season championships. After Toronto Italia abruptly disappeared, went to San Jose Clash, where he was yet again, a substitute, Finally, in 2001, Romanow moved back to Canada, to play for London City, where his squad did not qualify, and hence, the poor career of Nick Romanow ended. Romanow was always a small player, and he always depended on finesse and fundamentals to get him to a manageable calibre. His coaching career kicked off, coaching the varsity squad at the University of Toronto, he then worked his way slowly up the chain for managerial football. After spending four decent years at the U of T, Romanow moved into the Canadian Soccer League team, the Toronto Croatia. At Croatia, Romanow kept his squad finishing within the top three for nearly every year, until he left after the 2009 season, and went to manage AFC Wimbeldon, for one year, and then joining Fulham. Romanow has taught the boys of Fulham, to play with skill, not with physicality, for the most part. Because Romanow is an expert of playing good football regardless of physical size and/or power, he has taught that to the team and they are much more fundamentally crisp. Crisp as a whistle, and Romanow is bringing his team to former glory. Nick Romanow
  4. The Football-Telegram The Football-Telegram is a multi-purpose association football oriented publication concerning the English Championship 2933 club, Fulham, and many other squads around he realm of English Championships. TOP STORIES "NICK ROMANOW HIRED AS FULHAM BOSS"
  5. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- SPURS AND FULHAM FREE!! I have a DM/CM I am willing to sell. Rated 90. I ask for 8 million
  6. Re: Italiano Vero! The New Forum Italian Championships! I would be interested
  7. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- SPURS AND FULHAM FREE!! I joined as Fulham
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread
  9. Hi, I am interested in an active Game World, that has a decent team open, and is active in writing (i.e. previews, match reports, etc.) thanks!
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Yeah, my fault, I read that wrong.
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Wait, wrong league.
  12. Nick R.

    Hi There!

    Hi There, my name is Nick! Let me tell a little about myself. I live in the states, but I was born in Canada, I run a blog about sports, espicially soccer/football. Beware, I am just a kid, so don't be surprised if I act up a bit. I manage... Tottenham Hotspur - English Championship 11827 | ID:93059 Roma - Italian Championship 2273 | ID:58135 I only have a couple questions. Does soccer manager have an IRC channel? and do any of my leagues or game worlds have their own discussion threads? Thanks, I am looking forward to playing SM with you guys.
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