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  1. There's a manager in my game world who is constantly cheating. Is there any way to get SMFA to look into this properly? I can't report multiple users as he's supposedly been checked already and he was 'clean'. I report transfer deals but that doesn't do anything. He signs up on a second account, joins our game world and buys his worse players for big sums of money. He bypasses SMFA cheating filters because he buys other random players for big sums from unmanaged clubs too. Once 3 transfers are done, he resigns, joins another club and does it again, or he just signs up with another account...this has been going on for a long time!!!!! This is never going to stop because he has 42 players, and 129 players on loan!
  2. Re: Loan out players without Chairman's restriction. YEs or NO? I wouldn't say it should all be restricted, but to some extent. I have a pretty good team, and for some crazy reason my chairman will not allow me to loan out Kyle Walker - 89 -22. He's currently not getting games for my team, as the quality of my team is too great. I play a 3-5-2 formation, Kompany, Lahm, Bale, J. Alba, M. Richards (Javi Martinez), all above him in my pecking order, and he only gets games in cup matches. I don't understand why my manager won't allow him out on loan.
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