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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 1 word: Yes
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Well the second id do in a heartbeat. Gourcuff is widely touted as the next Zidane and since Kaka's departure from Milan theres a space at attacking midfield perfect for him (although Ronaldinho may cause a few irritartions here). Meanwhile Ashley Young is EPL young player of the year and has been the heartbeat of a very succesful Aston Villa side. Hes been linked to a number of top teams including Man utd, Barca and Real Madrid although im not sure how much substance there is to those rumours. As for the Pato deal. Im not sure. On the one hand Pato could b
  3. Re: Will Anderson HERNANES rate go up in the next rating round? In 6 weeks ish, after the summer changes have been finished.
  4. Re: Why Is La Liga Proving To Be So Attractive? There is one definitive anser to this: the exchange rate. Previously the strong pound meant that we could get players abroad for (relatively) cheaply so we did. When the exchange rate was strongest in Summer 2008 the EPL brought in Robinho, Kompany, Pavluchenko, Mascherano, Modric, Boswinga, Deco, Jo, Nasri, Reira, Coloccini and Fellaini. While those who went in the other direction were either sold off cheaply or on frees or are only average (with a few exceptions). Flamini, Gilberto Silva, Hleb, Pique, Riise, Lehmann, Diarra, Makelele, Munta
  5. Re: Do you sign player in sm based on thier ingame performance or based on ther poten Usually id say potential but for the fact that i refused to sign Molinaro in a number of my clubs despite an appearent "guarranteed" rise (which nvr actually happened come to think of it ) because in several setups he has always played appallingly....
  6. Re: Sudden Cash injection? From my experience, this is only working with clubs that have not had the transfer budget system implemented so far. It used to be the case that the transfer budget system, whereby gate reciepts and tv revenue, had less short term effect on finances (making it easier for smaller clubs) was implemented at the start of the new season. However, with the site change presumerably the coding hasnt been addressed to factor in setups that have not had this change, so people are just getting large cash incomes as money they've lost over the season from negative revenue (wa
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ive just accepted Kaka for Iniesta. I figured that playing Kaka, Ronaldo and goodness knows who else in the same team wont work. Kaka is a player that needs to act as the centre piece of a team and he wont get the oppurtunities he did at Milan at Real. Plus Iniestas been phonemonul recently. As you can tell im pretty sure already but just to check: do you think i should keep this deal or not?
  8. Just interested in peoples thoughts on these two defenders. Marquez has been out injured for a while now, missing out on the brilliant run of form which has won Barca the treble at home. Plus, with the rise of Gerard Pique (who looks to be an outstanding prospect) I cant see him keeping his spot. Lucio, although still a great player and Brazilian captain, Bayern Munich have struggled recently while the Bundesliga has dropped down the UEFA co-efficients list. Is a 94 still fair? What does everyone think?
  9. Re: Orlando sa Any news on where Lisandros going?
  10. Re: to trade or not to trade? Not unless your guaranteed to get some1 similar in to replace him eg: from an external club. Im no fan of Adebayour but 25 million for a youngish 93 is a pretty poor deal. That said if you can put the 25 into the 37 you already have and use it to buy a 95+ its well worth it. Hope this helped
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings Well the majority of the current players (hiddink was almost 10 years ago) came in under the presidency of Calderon, which was mainly the Capello era. All i can say is the man must have a penchant for dutchmen
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