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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I thought Nainggolan would have got a +1
  2. Re: New Improvements Got to agree with this .the new layout means that watching the match play out in match centre is now pointless as you can't stop yourself from seeing the league table first and knowing the result. Also the downgrading of the news feed is poor.
  3. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Just rejected the Sheffield utd job so they are up for grabs for anybody interested. Sticking with Barnet to have a crack at div 3.
  4. Re: Soccer Manager: Single Player Should have done a pledge that included two years gold management to the multiplayer game .to be honest I'm not interested in meeting the team ( even though I am based in uk)and name in the game is just fluff offer people something a bit more tangible
  5. I'm in three connect leagues with 1300 game time with game every day that hasn't had any games played for the last three days anybody else having any problems?
  6. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread How far along are we in the Spanish review how many teams left to do ?
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Will Pepe get his 93 rating back ? I don't think he should have lost it in the first place.
  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Will J.A. Reyes(sevilla) stay at 89 next review ?
  9. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions How is Freddy Guarin doing at Inter does he have a shot at 90 rating?
  10. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis Seems odd somebody at SW or SM or whoever does the ratings has actually reviewed this guy and deemed him worthy of a -1 cant see a reason myself.
  11. Re: Riferimento: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis
  12. Re: Uruguayan League What is the feelings about Felipe Avenatti will he continue to progress at Ternana or is he one to sell?
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Flamini +2 to 90 ? seem to be a key player for Arsenal.
  14. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Will Ibisevic ever make it to 90 ? he seems underrated maybe Bosnia qualifying for the world cup will help his case for a +1 .
  15. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread My Barnet side are 10 points clear with nine games to go. hoping my large squad for a division five team should see me through the three games a week run in. New Cambridge manager doing some good business adding to what was already a good division five squad could be a real threat in the playoffs hopefully I will hold on to top spot and avoid the lottery.
  16. Re: Uruguayan League Any rumours of De los santos moving to Europe ?
  17. Re: Luis FERNANDEZ and Teijeiro LUIS are the same player!!! =o looks like SW has struck again, they are the same player I assume the second one added today will be removed from the game as a duplicate.
  18. Re: Quicker transfers getting gazumped is just part of the game. don`t see how they can speed it up it only takes about 24 hours from bid to it being accepted any quicker would be unfair on someone got to bear in mind that the game is played by people in different time zones all over the world 24 hours seems fair.
  19. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions What has happened to RB Bruno Peres of Santos seemed to play a lot last season but not at all this season. Has he been injured or just dropped?
  20. Re: English Championship 28697 Betting Thread Balance 400 Bet 300 Macclesfield to win @ 3/1
  21. Re: English Championship 28697 Betting Thread balance 800 stake 400 back Wolves @7/4 potential profit 700
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