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  1. Re: Matej Vydra- Watford/Udinese

    Was going to make a thread on this chap before I saw this.

    This lad Is absolutely tearing the Championship to bits' date=' he will be a regular starter for the Czeck national team soon no doubt. He has an unbelievable 18 goals in the league this season, has scored 10 in 7 and numerous premier league clubs are trying to sign him but it is likely he will stay put at the moment. He has 90+ potential no doubt and sort of reminds me of a young Micheal Owen... He's absolutely lightening quick.

    Should get a +2/3 In the next reviews.[/quote']

    Would be surprised if he got more than +2 as they don't seem to rise championship players above 85.

  2. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........

    Yep' date=' still very slow contrasted against what it should be. Maybe if more people did more SW editing, we would get more???[/quote']

    It's very difficult to do more editing on SW as you can only do one player at a time and usually have to wait 5 or 6 days for it to be confirmed before you can edit another. A big waste of time really

  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    Can someone explain to me the reasons or factor that justified Kehl's rise? Im not angry or against SM' date=' but I'd like a little explanation from a forumer on how Kehl might have got a 90? I expected an 89 but 90 was a massive surprise.

    man I should've signed him two days earlier for my Anzhi :o.[/quote']

    I agree with Derno as captain of the side he was underrated on 88 and was basically ever present for the second half of last season , injuries have limited his appearances a little this season but he is still an influential figure within a young Dortmund side.

  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    i was looking at some stats on player real life market values earlier which intrigued me.


    if you sort it by market value' date=' you will notice gotze have a big increase in market value recently. I wonder if sm is compensating with real life values by adjusting the player ratings.

    if the market values are any of an indicator, despite the seemingly generous rating increases, robben looks like its gonna drop soon:p[/quote']

    Those market values are subjective just like the SM ratings.

  5. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........

    I dont know if I am the only one thinking this, but it seems to me that the 'new' league review system is actually pretty good !!!! In the last week we have essentially had the old style review of the German league but with a number of players from other leagues thrown into the mix (Zaha etc)

    We have the old review system at a much slower pace because of the other players (Zaha etc) being reviewed at the same time. IMO a backward step.

  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    8 league starts and 1 goal gets you a +2......crazy!If this fella get's a +2 what's going to happen at Dortmund there will be +2's & 3's all over the place.

    At this rate Kroos & Gotze will be 94's by Saturday morning' date='I'd like to see the Soccerwiki votes for those pair.[/quote']

    Yet Neustadter starts 17 out of 17 league games plus the full 90mins in all 6 Champions league games and gets +1?

  7. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........

    ;2391566']4 teams today though...thats pretty good.

    the norm in the past was always 3 clubs a day.

    6 clubs in 2 days. dont see whats to complain about. a quick count shows 92 players today. now that is ALOT.

    lets have a poll. id be interested to see what the ideal amount of reviews would be acceptable on a daily basis....

    If they could keep up the pace of reviewing 3/4 teams a day I would be happy and there would be no need to do all the random risers from other leagues IMO this would keep the database structured.

    With regard to the 92 players reviewed today it is actually more .based on a squad size of 30 for each of the four teams( I haven't checked this ) that makes 120 .now some of those players remained unchanged but because their team have been reviewed you know that they have been reviewed and deemed not worthy of a rise/drop. With the scattergun random risers you don't know where you stand.

    As an example I had Bernd Nehrig in one of my teams and was expecting +1/2 which didn't happen but at least I know where I stand his team have been reviewed and he didn't get a rise

  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

    Alright lads' date=' just wondering what sort of rise you guys think Luke Shaw will get in the upcoming review?

    Will it be a 'standard' rise to 80 or can he get higher, say 83 for instance?

    He seems to be playing 90mins every week now for Southampton and will more than likely continue to start games right up until the review.[/quote']

    Will probably go to 80 right now .depends on how long the review takes he could get 82\83 but either way if you have him in a competitive game world he is one to keep hold of as he will continue to rise and is being linked with moves to bigger teams.

  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

    This is how the QPR ratings should look like after the reviews (SM may see things differently though ;))

    Julio Cesar 92 -> 90/89

    Fabio 86 -> 86/85 (don't think SM will drop him)

    Bosingwa 90 -> 88/87

    Mbia 90 -> 88/89 (one of the worst 90s I've ever seen!)

    Onouha 88 -> 87

    Anton Ferdinand 87 -> 86

    Wright-Philips 87 -> 86

    Granero 89 -> 89/88 (I won't drop him personally but given QPR's poor season' date=' anything is possible)

    Taarabt [b']85-> 87/88[/b] (he definitely deserves a rise but once again QPR's bad form may play a part)

    Ji Sung Park 90 -> 88

    Djibril Cisse 88 -> 87

    Zamoera 88 -> 87

    Andy Johnson 87 -> 86

    In short, get rid of any QPR players you have in your teams lol, bar Taarabt ofc ;)

    I agree with most although I think you are a bit generous to Taarabt only deserves + 1 for me.

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