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  1. When a manager is caught using multiple accounts don't just kill off the secondary club(s), ban the primary account permanently !!!


    Stop awarding random automatic wage increases to players without explanation. So many players getting crippling wage increases without any increase to their rating.


    Allow managers to decrease wages when a player rating falls. It should be a two-way street not solely dictated by SM.


    With the new tier system within player ratings, let's have more clarity. Perhaps players of different valuations within the same rating could be, say, 91a, 91b, 91c, etc... or 91 gold, 91 silver, 91 bronze, etc denoted by a different coloured star. When a player is moved from one tier to another it should be clearly communicated. Who does set the tiers anyway? What is the decision making process?


    For all its glitter and tinsel, there's a lot more wrong with the game now than prior to the re-launch.


    If the old interface is removed permanently I'm outta here, no ifs, no buts (manager since June 2008).

  2. Oh, one other thing about the re-launched game that we may need to adjust to is the impact age has on a player's value.


    I happened to notice earlier when player searching that a 24/88 was 12m and a 25/88 was 8m. Okay, so these were different players at different clubs but they were in the same position.


    It will be interesting to see what happens to a player's value on his birthday...

  3. So, in summary, what are the key changes to the re-launched SM Worlds thus far...?


    - New graphics

    - New restrictions on player positions (eg., D(R/L)s and AMs in a 352)

    - Senior players, reduced transfer value

    - Junior players, increased transfer value

    - Financial penalties for big squads

    - Increased stadium capacity (in some cases)


    Is there a new match engine yet? I can't tell...


    Norwich have recorded a draw and a loss since re-launch and I put that down to an enforced change of tactics (451/352 > 451/4231) due to my D(R/L) and AM(RLC) 'issues'.


    I was going along very nicely (12 unbeaten) before Wednesday so I've either got to replace my full backs and AMs with D(LC/RC)s and M(R/L/C)s to maintain my preferred 451/352 or find a formation which works with what I've got.


    I seem to be spending rather a lot of time staring at my laptop these days... :)

  4. Yep, I just had a quick look at the old interface and there are no click boxes visible to do anything with the team.


    You've got to laugh...


    I'm sticking with the new version. Although it messed up all my teams, which previously used D(R/L) in a back three and AM(RLC) in a 352, I don't see the point in going backwards now when it's only going to be available for a few weeks...

  5. It appears that my default browser, Internet Explorer, is the reason behind score centre and other aspects of the game not functioning.


    Okay, so now I've got full functionality through downloading Google Chrome but wouldn't you think something so basic as testing common browsers would have been done pre-relaunch? Staggering really.


    Now that I've chilled out a bit and have access to all facets of the game the business of reworking my teams can begin, pain that it may be.


    As for PraetorianGuard's previous comment, enjoy your moment of smug satisfaction at the demise of so many good managers and their enjoyment of the game. Well done, you... :)

  6. Guys,


    I'm still not getting anything on score centre, just a black rectangle that does nothing.


    I've tried disabling adblock without any joy.


    I'm already fed up that my 451/352 tactics are rendered useless by the loss of the AM position in those formations but I can't even see what my teams have done other than going to "schedule > results".


    Wow, what fun that is.


    I don't want to sound like a drama queen but I'm a gnats away from deleting my account...

  7. Apologies, Mr Longnose - your efforts deserve acknowledgment albeit 2 months late.

    Nick Chatterton got it spot on, Reading 0 - 1 Norwich, and Delia's draw-specialists actually took the 3pts for a change.

    As it stands, Norwich have just dropped out of the play-off spots with a record of W11 D17 L6.

    Six losses out of thirty four games is decent but we've got to convert those D's to W's or it'll be another nearly-ran season.

    Blackburn and Brighton look like they're in to the distance - well played them...

  8. Thank you to the usual suspects for keeping this thread going.

    I have to admit to having been a bit defeatist where the forum is concerned but I'll try to have more of an input from now on, not that Norwich have a great deal to shout about at the moment. Thirteen games in and we look decidedly average so far so maybe a few tactical tweaks required.

    D3 is as fiercely contested as ever which keeps me very much interested in 7046, still the daddy of the Forum GWs... B)

  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


    Season 12 - D3 3rd (Play-Off Semi - lost)

    Season 11 - D3 10th

    Season 10 - D3 5th (Play-Off Final - lost)

    Season 09 - D4 1st (Promoted)

    The board and management team of Norwich City has decided it is time for a wholesale rejuvenation of the playing staff.

    Nineteen of the twenty two first team squad have been transfer listed, largely at CV, to initially gauge interest from internal and external. It is unlikely any player will leave for CV or for the first offer received. Cash and part-ex offers are invited accordingly.

    This exercise will result in a significant reduction in overall rating as the club seeks to place a new emphasis on future development, not least to address the weekly budget deficit of circa £600k per week.

    The current model is unsustainable as players age and devalue.

    It is a bold strategy which will likely remove Norwich from contention for, perhaps, two or three seasons but is in the best interests of the club, long term.


  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip Thread

    Well and truly deserved, Andre - both last night and the season as a whole.

    Congratulations and best of luck to The Shots in D2 next season.

    As for Norwich, we've probably come up short of an automatic place and look destined for the lottery of the play-offs, again.

    Disappointing but could be worse, at least we're still in the running...

  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread



    So, here we are - just 3 games remaining and it's as tight as you like at the business end of Division 3.


    The title race looks like a 3 way shoot out between The Canaries, The Shots & The Shrews. That's not to discount the chasing pack who are still in it mathematically.


    Looking at the run-ins it's going to be emotional !!!



    Chesterfield 9th (A)

    Aldershot 2nd (H)

    Reading 7th (A)



    Plymouth 16th (H)

    Norwich 1st (A)

    Gillingham 5th (H)



    Wolves 10th (A)

    Rochdale 13th (H)

    Barnsley 17th (A)


    The above does seem to favour Shrewsbury for an automatic spot, not because their opponents are any less of an obstacle (far from it), but due to the fact Norwich and Aldershot face off on Saturday.


    I believe a certain Sir Alex Ferguson once coined a phrase - it seems quite apt right now, I better stock up on the Andrex...



    Good luck to all those involved in attempting to reach Division 2 - it's been another long, hard campaign since those opening fixtures on 10th January and our fates will soon be known...



  12. Re: Cup final prizemoney not paid again!


    I have experienced this same issue dozens of times across many game worlds and gave up reporting it via bug tickets after about the fourth contemptuous reply from SM that there 'was no problem and the matter is now closed'.

    I didn't have the know-how to take before and after screen shots but the ones above are definitive proof that prize money is deducted from your season's opening balance thus negating it.

    Come on, SM - at least have the decency to publicly acknowledge there is a problem given this evidence...

  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread



    I am pleased to take over the reins at Roots Hall after making the tough decision to leave Northampton Town


    Stu Lauder's 622 games in charge has put The Shrimpers on a very sound financial footing with excellent potential to evolve as a club


    A thorough evaluation of the extensive playing staff will precede considerable transfer activity over the next week

  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


    16 points from 18 sees The Canaries clamber to the top of Division 3 in another ridiculously tight season where seemingly anybody can beat anybody on their day.

    Delia's latest order to the vintners has just been delivered to the boardroom so expect to see her on the pitch at half time anytime soon... :)

    Things hotting up at Carrow Road - and not just the excellent pies... :D

  15. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏


    Scraped an away 1-0 win at Pippo's Sunderland in last night's D2 opener between two of the relegated sides.

    I can see already this division is going to be a real dogfight.

    Belated congrats to Fluffy for his SMFA Super Cup victory last week against The Potters by a similar margin.

    Stoke look forward to the defence of their Europa League title tonight with a trip Florence...

  16. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏

    Potters' fans experiencing bi-polar emotions as the season draws to a close.

    Tomorrow will likely see us relegated barring a miracle of biblical proportions.

    Can (Ed) Moses part the red (& white) sea or will Britannia rule again?

    Survival would require;

    - Stoke to win at home against title-chasing Villa

    - Lazio to lose at home to already relegated Sunderland

    - Roma to lose away at Hull

    Some accumulator that is... :)

    Tuesday night could ease the pain, however.

    A Europa League Final showdown against AVB's Zenit has the City faithful buzzing ahead of their trip to Wembley.

    Survival, Relegation, European Silverware, unbridled joy or utter despair ? - it's a massive 7 days for Stoke City FC in ADII.

    Bring it... :D

  17. Re: Does SM really care about the spirit of the game...?

    Hi Jamie,

    Numerous managers have attempted to report deliberate sabotage via the SMFA messaging system but largely to no avail.

    However, action has been taken against one particular serial offender following our requests for SM to investigate via this thread.

    As you can see on the thread we never get a direct reply as such but it's more than coincidence that the perpetrator is usually kicked off the GW in question fairly quickly.

    Selling your best players isn't a crime per se but it largely depends upon what the manager then does with the proceeds. In our case it was quite blatant - he would buy players approaching retirement (35+) for way over the odds or 60 rated 'nobodys', again, for ridiculously inflated fees. The pattern of behaviour was blindingly obvious.

    It might be worth you adding to your post specific details of the transfer activity, in and out, to strengthen your case.

    Good luck...


    PS. Love your avatar - Stoke legends past and present... :)

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