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  1. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) There's a very nice Arsenal out there in GC121. Kompany, Fabregas, Van Persie, Falcao, Eriksen, Subotic, Nasri, Hart, Benatia, Alba, Wilshere, Vela and many more.
  2. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Dang, been looking for quite some time now for a Barcelona. Don't mind a very one either.
  3. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) There is an absolutely SICK Internazionale free in GC84. It contains Hazard, Kroos, Sanchez, Courtois, Verratti, Eriksen, Isco, and so many more superb players. I own an Inter in GC81, otherwise I would defo take them.
  4. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) There's also a River Plate in GC30 with Hazard, Costa and Cavani among others..
  5. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) I'd personally take this team in a heartbeat, weren't it for the fact I already own a Cruzeiro: GC28 Cruzeiro Includes players such as Vidal, Oscar, Subotic, De Gea, Carvajal, El Shaarawy, Depay, Welbeck, Barkley, Zouma, and many others..
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Okay lads, after almost 8 years in the game, and me being banned from this forum, after being a mod, 4 years ago, I kept on playing because I had the notion that I couldn't give up something I build all this time. Today it feels like I have build some grand castles in a sandbox none of the other kids give a **** about. By far the most exciting thing about these kind of games is the rise of a community that has far greater knowledge of the game than new managers would have. Think of the smarks in WWE, or communities like 9GAG and others. Our initial scouting groups, especially those that were part secretive, had some of the most respected and well known managers working on a phletora of talent. The community was flourishing. I can proudly say that today a lot of the most prominent young players in the world were finds by us members when those players were 14 year old kids playing for their local team. There was a sense of meaning and entitlement, one that's long gone. The rule changes favoured new members. It dumbed the game down considerably. Stylistic updates and ways to control social media were given far greater importance than the continuation and build of the community, as the monetary income of those few hundred forum members, skilled in the game or not, were dwarfed by flocks of new members that were lured with the promise of great teams in setups they normally wouldn't get. One only has to look up the many, many threads where small rule changes are being complained about. I don't recognize the game at all. I check this thread every 4/5 months or so. It saddens me to see that after 4 months, only 4 or 5 posts were added. That used to take all of 5 minutes. The game has lost it's core identity and I for one can't claim to be a proud member anymore. Maybe we could start a debate here (without Devs blocking it, because it hurts how people percieve the game). The forum was always ours, even when the game quality declined, we can always take it back. I know some of the old, early guard still read posts on the forum. If this post amounts to nothing, than to them I say: thank you for all those years of banter and shared passion through football. It has been a pleasure. My regards, Abdel Zizi
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 I'd really put De Bruyne for a plus 1, if not for his great work at Werder than for his fantastic displays for the Belgium NT.
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