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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I don't like to have to do it, but if you want to hang on to your big names YOU will have to do it also I'm afraid. These are not my new rules, they are Soccer Managers and I'm just trying to Understand them (thanks for the silence SM) and also learn how to beat them at their own new game. I don't like the way they've ramped up the pressure on players without any warning they were about to do so, my mindset when someone tries it on with me is to try to fight back and not moan about it but in the end bend over and take it from them. The whole point of the Wilshere is just a number / oh no he isn't debate was that from the game's point of view (I believe) he isn't just a number he's an established player who wants game time, I am not trying to pretend that this is anything but a bit of fun online football management game (it used to be anyway), but to understand and fight back against the new rules you have to try to see things from their perspective to understand why they are doing what they are.
  2. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) No offence taken, but you miss my point I think. I didn't include the SM skill point ratings for any other reason then to let people know that the players I highlighted were in fact the 'first choice' first team players. The scores on the doors have no other significance. My point was that in real life Barca and Real have 17/18 first name big players with the rest being back ups. In the game you can get away with swapping around 17 'first choice' first team players and the rest you have to be prepared to move on each season as they won't be able to get anywhere near enough game time to remain happy. Good work on the game time for Real by the way, very interesting and as you say if The Special One thinks he's so special then he should try his hand at Soccer Manager.
  3. Re: Player Concern system It can be controlled I think, you just need to cut your squads back to about 17 you want to keep and the rest can be moved in and out each season. You have to put a lot more effort in mind. Not saying that you don't but what has to happen is you have to rotate your 17 around and always bring 3 subs on every game. If they fix the concerns for injured players then I think it's a done deal and we can move on to start moaning about something else.
  4. Re: Gold Championships - Bringing Value To Cash & Realism To The Game They really don't seem to have much of a clue, I personally think that they are overwhelmed by the size of the game now and it's getting out of control. They never seem to respond to anything on the forums, you think they'd look there to get some kind of clue as to how the great unwashed masses who play the game are enjoying (or not) their game. They kind of move the goalposts without warning as well, which is particularly annoying when it comes to concerns as it naturally results in players leaving clubs. Some of this is down to lazy managers, but others (like myself) want to try to work with the new rules and not against them. I am in favour of them, but I'd like to be more informed about how they work and how to avoid them, at the moment I'm groping in the dark like a lot of people.
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Well, you live and learn. It must be my excellent squad management skills that have helped me avoid coming across it before.
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Just noticed in one of my game worlds that an unamanaged (for over 12 months apparently) team has 4 players with lack of game concerns. I think 3 are level 3 and 1 is level 1, all of the players are not first choice based on skill points, one has 83 skill and the other 3 are 78 - 79, so sub 80s. That's gotta be annoying if 25 year old sub 80 skill players start to whine. Also at another club in that game world I noticed a new concern (new to me anyway) a player was concerned for a "lack of first team opportunities". Please don't say they are dreaming new ones up.
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) With the new concern rules you should do subs, bring on any 3 at 75 mins etc, those extra half games soon stack up. I'm not sure or anything but maybe SM go after bigger squads more aggressively than smaller ones, so if you have over 50 players in total then they revue more often or make more players prone to a good whinge. No proof of it, just a thought.
  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I don't think they do' date=' but I haven't got my stats in front of me so I'm kind of guessing. I've just had a look at the real world Real Madrid and Barca first team squads; Barcelona Valdes (Gk) 93 (in game skill point rating) Pinto (Gk) 87 Pique (D) 95 Puyol (D) 96 Mascherano (D) 93 Bartra (D) 85 Fontas (D) 86 Muniesa (D) 84 Alba (D) 90 Adriano (D) 91 Abidal (D) 92 Alves (D) 95 Montoya (D) 86 Busquets (M) 94 Song (M) 91 Xavi (M) 97 Iniesta (M) 97 Alcantara (M) 89 Dos Santos (M) 85 Fabregas (M) 95 Tello (F) 85 Sanchez (F) 92 Pedro (F) 93 Cuenca (F) 86 Villa (F) 95 Messi (F) 99 Real Madrid Casilas (Gk) 95 Adan (Gk) 83 Varane (D) 87 Pepe (D) 93 Ramos (D) 94 Carvalho (D) 92 Albiol (D) 90 Coentrao (D) 91 Marcelo (D) 24 93 Arbeloa (D) 29 91 Khedira (M) 92 Alonso (M) 94 Essien (M) 93 Modric (M) 93 Kaka (M) 94 Ozil (M) 94 Di Maria (M) 93 Callejon (M) 88 Ronaldo (F) 98 Benzema (F) 94 Higuain (F) 94 Morata (F) 80 The ones in red are I believe the top players, so that's; Barcelona = 17 1 - Gk 7 - Def 5 - Mid 4 - Forward Real Madrid = 18 1 - Gk 7 - Def 7 - Mid 3 - Forward 17 or 18 big names each.... maybe there's a clue in there for us all.
  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) There does appear to be some movement on who gets concerned which I assume is down to how good the rest of your players are compared to said player (ie where he is in the pecking order), but fundamentally all players of a certain rating, which may be as low as 85 up to about 88+ skill points should be playing pretty regular football I think. Yes it's a crude system but it is getting a pulse out of some otherwise dead transfer markets, which has to be a good thing doesn't it? This is why we need SM to give us the information ASAP.
  10. Re: Is more gold worlds making it less fun? I fully agree, you get out what you put in. I wish SM would do something about managers taking over a club and then within hours leaving again, it can be real annoying if it stops one of your already accepted deals from happening. I think they do it to have a look at the league tables and see who's available on the transfer market, if only SM would allow players to do this without first having to take control of a club.
  11. Re: Player Concern system Don't know if anyone else has noticed but the number of people who 'Like SM' on FaceBook has gone up from 208,000 in midweek to 210,000 today, they must be doing something right. Maybe we are in the minority!
  12. Re: Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience?
  13. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I can't argue with you on that one, it is crazy and needs fixing. Thing is that when/if SM get around to fixing this bug a lot of managers will of lost a lot of players to concerns, not sure how they get over that one.
  14. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) If someone is that desperate to cheat and buy players then good luck to em. I'm sure a compromise system could be implemented to make things tough for players like that. Not sure how it's possible to stop these people if they exist. I'm not saying you're making it up but if you know for a fact it's going on then tell SM.
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