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  1. LOL, you'd get his attention any way. I think I'll message him again, especially because he said he'd help me out. Such a relief that he made a recovery. Just have to pray that he can make full recovery now. Competitors of mine in a work mini league have him, I was delighted to see him on the bench. I was less than delighted after his goal and assist!
  2. Winner: Italy (I tipped them before tonight) 2nd place: France Dark Horse: Scotland (not to win it, but just to do better than expected) Top scorer: Mbappe Best player: Barella Best U-21 player: Foden Not very well known player to surprise: Malinovskyi
  3. I messaged him on Discord about cheating in a GW, he said he would look into it for it, he hasn't replied to my last 2 messages. Really disappointing from him.
  4. That wasn't Spain's senior team though, it was the U21 team. The senior team are all in a bubble, after Busquets tested positve for Covid-19 (he is self isolating for 10 days). They've even had to call up another 6 players, who are now in their own separate parallel bubble in case they are needed in the squad.
  5. This is so funny. You don't see players being like this these days, they are usually so boring in interviews. Great to see. I was listening to 5Live when it happened. Henderson's interview was really good, he came across really well.
  6. I've been planning to set up my team, I'll do it tomorrow and join.
  7. Thanks for all your hard work Kieran. You are a big part of the brilliant community that we have here. Brilliant response from Mbappe. 😂
  8. Wow! Good work going through the whole lot man!
  9. I'll go with this. 😂 (I didn't create this, so I'm not claiming credit for it).
  10. Wow, that stadium location is stunning! It deserves to be in the big time!
  11. There is a crazy merry-go-round of managers going on! I don't know why Poch would go back to Spurs, it would be a step down for him. Apparently he had a meeting with Leonardo on Monday, to plan for next season, so I can't see it happening for Spurs.
  12. It is a joyous thing. Twitter comes into its own on nights like tonight!
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