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  1. Keep/sell Giovani Tiepo, Matheus Antony, Francis Guerrero & Konstantinos Mavropanos? (I'm only asking because I've had offers for them). For some context, you can't buy players over 85 rating in the setup. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'd say Harvey Elliot, although Curtis is starting to look really good. With Lallana leaving, he'll get a lot more game time next season. Harvey looks lively every time I see him play.
  3. Do you have any idea of a timescale?
  4. Its great that you've been included in the suggestions group! Rightly so. You'll be able to feed everything back to us. 😉
  5. Ball is in Werner's court now. How much does he want to play for Klopp? He has been very public about his desire to do that. Liverpool could be trying to get the price down (I know there is a release clause). The talk was that he was willing to wait for us, even if it was next summer that we made a move.
  6. Gustavo Maia. What is he called in the game? I can’t work it out. 😂
  7. If he is selling the players for a lower price than the managed teams are bidding, then you should report him.
  8. Maybe SM are low on staff. Furloughed etc. The slowness of this update could be as a consequence of COVID-19.
  9. Stay safe man. I've been venturing out to the shops (although I'm changing from Tesco, as the stocks levels on certain items is awful in my local).
  10. Thanks for the predictions. Take care man!
  11. Thanks. I was thinking Kante or Bernardo Silva, and I just saw that @Sir Rahul is predicting a -1 for Kante. It actually is quite competitive, I've just done well in the transfer market.
  12. These are my midfielders and forwards. Verratti, Kante, Arthur Melo, Pogba, Henderson, Bernardo Silva, Fabian Ruiz, Joao Felix, Kai Havertz, Sterling, Firmino, Mane and Kane. I've just bought Pogba and Sterling, I'm going to struggle to keep them all happy. Pick one to sell please (apart from the Liverpool players😉, as I'm a Liverpool fan😃). (and Sterling & Pogba obviously).
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