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  1. I made some tweaks to my team tonight. With the budget, you definitely have to look for some bargains!
  2. Going under the radar just how good their window has been. Brentford have exploited Villas desperation to buy a striker. All the best to you in the UK Sir. I hope you're not in an area that is being locked down again. A couple of fools!!
  3. Cheers, its Adama Traore. Thanks, I'll see what I can do.
  4. I've been offered Luis Alberto and Asensio for Bernardo Silva. What do you think? I might negotiate, as he has L Martinez, Sancho and a couple of others that I'd take.
  5. Thanks. I have Traore, Boga, Stengs, Soteldo, Wolf, Luis Diaz, Serdar, H Wilson, Estupinan, Kouame & Piatek. In fact, what are the opinions on those guys as well? Bearing in mind the 85 rating limit.
  6. Sell Samatta? If a GW where you can only buy players 85 max rating.
  7. That's a difficult one, but I'll go with Havertz. I'll give Eze a mention, as he could be a great signing for Palace.
  8. I really thought he'd go. He was really scathing in what he said tonight. Letting it be known how unhappy he is in having to stay. He'll be counting down the months until he can leave next summer.
  9. I'm raging, as a Liverpool fan and because I have him in my team. Not good SM!! 😠
  10. The forgotten man during all the Messi news. Why are they even worried about Messi leaving? They have Martin!! 😉
  11. I agree about Garcia, he is dispensable. I think Bernardo is dispensable, especially after the poor season he just had. Jesus is the most surprising one for me, as he is their future. Aguero has 1-2 years left at City. Although, as you said, City should be willing to sacrifice anything to get him (apart from KDB maybe). Bernardo and Jesus would probably be against leaving City to go to Barca, understandably.
  12. Talking of City and Messi. They are preparing an offer apparently, look at the 3 players being offered to Barca!
  13. As far as I know, FFP has been scrapped for now, because clubs aren't getting the usual money coming it, FFP wouldn't work, so they've shelved it temporarily. Which is why Chelsea can go on a massive spending spree and why City will be able to go after Messi.
  14. He has held power at Barca for years. The board haven't had any idea of where they want to take the club, it has been mistake after mistake. Messi has decided to leave, doesn't sound like anything will change his mind now. Its all just about whether he goes on a free or for a fee. City are massive favourites to get him.
  15. Gareth Southgate looks like a fool for picking him in the first place, on the day his trail was happening! He shouldn't have believed what Harry told him. I was disappointed that the sentence was suspended lol.
  16. Sounds like he wants to leave, because of Bartomeu. Elections were due to happen in March, but they might be brought forward in an attempt to stop Messi from leaving. Puyol and Suarez are both publicly backed Messi on Twitter. He either leaves on a free transfer or for €700m!! Barca are taking him to court after his free transfer clause. If Bartomeu leaves, Messi stays. Simple. Surely Bartomeu will be forced out.
  17. For Barca to get better, weirdly they might need Messi to leave, because as long as he is there, they'll constantly overly rely on him. New manager needs to come in and have control over everything, as Messi holds too much power (if Messi does stay). Won't be a quick fix, could be a couple of seasons (2-3 transfer windows) until they can sort out their squad. Build the new team around De Jong, Fati and Griezmann.
  18. If Messi decides to leave, where do you think he'll end up? I doubt he'd want to end up at PSG. City seems like the standout team. They were talking post match on BT Sport that now its surely possibly that he'll want to leave.
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