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  1. Stay safe man. I've been venturing out to the shops (although I'm changing from Tesco, as the stocks levels on certain items is awful in my local).
  2. Thanks for the predictions. Take care man!
  3. Thanks. I was thinking Kante or Bernardo Silva, and I just saw that @Sir Rahul is predicting a -1 for Kante. It actually is quite competitive, I've just done well in the transfer market.
  4. These are my midfielders and forwards. Verratti, Kante, Arthur Melo, Pogba, Henderson, Bernardo Silva, Fabian Ruiz, Joao Felix, Kai Havertz, Sterling, Firmino, Mane and Kane. I've just bought Pogba and Sterling, I'm going to struggle to keep them all happy. Pick one to sell please (apart from the Liverpool players😉, as I'm a Liverpool fan😃). (and Sterling & Pogba obviously).
  5. Sell or keep Yeray Alvarez, Diego Carlos & Suat Serdar? Also, I have Fabian Ruiz, Kai Havertz & Joao Felix. Leon Goretzka is available to buy. Is Leon a better option than any of Ruiz/Havertz/Felix?
  6. I need to raise some money from my squad, who should I sell? (Sorry that it’s so long). Thanks.
  7. I just caught up on the last 4 pages. The "discussion" about VVD was something else lol. I'm in the 'Virgil Van Dijk is the best defender in the world camp'. He is incredible. There is nothing he isn't good at. He makes everything look incredibly easy.
  8. A new low for SM. The rating system has ground to a halt!
  9. My wage bill is going out of control (£1.5m in debt now). Chairman keeps giving players pay rises! Who should I sell from the lists? To add some context, the setup is limited to buying players no higher than 85 rating. Thanks. Sorry for all the lists.
  10. Brilliant list! Thanks. Can you explain what all the colours mean please?
  11. Thanks man. So annoying to be getting nowhere with them! They are useless. Generic responses to every ticket really is annoying. Letting cheats get away with whatever they want. I'll send them an email, but I'm not expecting much in response.
  12. Off topic here guys. Has anybody had any experience in reporting accounts for transfer cheating, multiple accounts & abusive language? I have reported 2 accounts, who I’m 100% sure are managed by the same person. Each time SMFA come back with a generic reply of “Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. We have now investigated and taken action against these accounts.” (They did cancel some transfers which were reported though). They took no action at all. Both accounts are still active in my GW. I asked questions in my ticket & I get a generic response back. Is there another way of contacting SM/SMFA? An email address etc. It just seems like they don’t care, letting someone get away with cheating & being abusive about it when accused of it.
  13. Nice to have you back man! Thanks for the predictions!!
  14. Pavard, Meunier, Akanji & Doucoure. Keep or sell? They are squad players for me, and are unhappy. If they are due an increase, I’ll keep them.
  15. No, I didn't take him, had to pick and choose, as I didn't want to add too many players to my squad, because my wage bill is high.
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