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  1. Is the Turkey review finished? Hard to work out after today's crazy review of so many players from different leagues.
  2. It is very slow to load tonight, for everything. Loading player profiles etc etc.
  3. The iOS app is awful! Hasn't been updated for 2 years now! They have abandoned it. A few times I have reported that notifications no longer work on the iOS app, every time they say 'We are aware of this problem and are currently working on it, but thanks for bringing it to our attention again.' Which clearly means thanks, but we don't care. Its a disgrace that the app hasn't been updated in so long, compare that to the Soccer Manager 2019 app, which gets updates all the time.
  4. A great list! Thanks, some of them are available.
  5. Everyone bar Bednarek is already taken. ☹️
  6. I just came into some money (£7.1m) after winning the Charity Shield, so now have £11.2m to spend. Can't buy higher than 85 rating. I know I was given some names earlier this week, but any recommended players rated 83/84/85 would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions guys, much appreciated!!
  8. I cannot buy players with a rating higher than 85. Looking for guys who'll rise above 85 in their next review, or just high risers in general. Any recommendations? On the look out for a LB, but I'll take recommendations for any position.
  9. Are all of these predictions up to date now? I'm planning a spending spree.
  10. Joshua King said that’s how they stopped Chelsea, I was just repeating what he said. I agree that a lot of other players aren’t performing. Alonso isn’t the same player now. Emerson should be starting more. Callum Hudson-Odoi is being wasted, he is hardly in the squad even. They did good analysis on MOTD2 about Chelsea & the lack of effort & the lack of pressing. Sarri needs to shake things up, if he continues playing Plan A, he’ll be sacked.
  11. Sarri hasn’t helped Jorginho at all. Plays him to death, doesn’t play anyone along side him. Kante should be playing beside him. Every team now knows how to stop Chelsea, you take Jorginho out of the game. Bournemouth did it, & Joshua King talked about them targeting Jorginho. Then City did exactly the same, because Sarri doesn’t change his tactics.
  12. Are all of these predictions up to date now? I'm planning a spending spree.
  13. How come no predicted rise for Teemu Pukki? 20 goals for the Championship leaders. I'd probably buy him if a rise was predicted.
  14. I was last in, the guy who got them was probably in first for them all.
  15. A number of teams including myself submitted max bids for all 3 players & the same team got all 3!! Hardly fair in a random system!! 😩
  16. The 3 new guys added today, worth getting? Fagoli, De La Fuente & Lourenco.
  17. Ok cool, thanks man. Would it be possible for you to link the updated Russian review to the link on the first page? Thanks.
  18. Thanks, let me know if other names come into your head.
  19. Whichever countries are coming next please lol.
  20. Thanks guys. I meant as keep/sell (I should have said that). But I suppose you both answered that any way. I'll keep Biraschi and sell Sangare. As I'm selling Sangare, are there any recommendations on a replacement (rated no higher than 85)? Preferably someone who will be reviewed soon, but if not then I'll take anyone. 😄
  21. I'd appreciate any advise on these 2. And now I have to decide who to buy now. 😏
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