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  1. Thank you for taking over from Kieran, it's much appreciated.
  2. Well this has hit me hard. You're going to be sorely sorely missed on here man. Thank you for all your hard work on here. Enjoy your time away, it is well deserved. I hope to see you on here again. Howay the Toon.
  3. I'd need to rewatch it to be 100%, but I don't think he did. #Olein 😅😆
  4. It wasn't a red for me. It was just an unfortunate outcome from a tackle. Harvey himself said on Instagram that it wasn't a red card.
  5. Phenomenal achievement!! $2.5m in the bag as well!! Wow! Devastated for him. Started the season so well. He is having surgery this week, on a dislocated ankle. I thought it was a leg break, from what I saw of it. His foot was facing the wrong way. 😟
  6. I can't access my Game Worlds, either on the website (using either interface) or the iOS app. I'm getting an error on the app and an error on the website. What a mess. 😔
  7. It's working for me now, via the app and the desktop website.
  8. Oh I know that Indy isn't a journalist, but he does have a good track record with his news.
  9. Some interesting tweets about Pep and City! Pep putting a message out there for the owners.
  10. City really messed him about! Pep talking so publicly about wanting to sign him, but they wouldn't pay up for him. Wouldn't surprise me if City got Ronaldo instead.
  11. The more that Levy continues to dig his heels in, the more that Lewandowksi to City will become increasingly likely. I can't see City meeting the asking price for Kane and we know that Levy won't be dropping the asking price.
  12. After this has been announced today, I'd like to add another name to this list. He has always impressed me, when he has played for Liverpool. Really interested to see how he gets on at Blackburn (it worked out perfectly for Harvey Elliott).
  13. He has looked brilliant in pre season. Very exciting player for the future. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in our squad for cup matches.
  14. Both me & my Chelsea mate (who was at the match with me) commentated at how well Chalobah played tonight, he is definitely a viable option for Chelsea this season, especially when Kouma leaves.
  15. Yeah, I was in Anfield on Sunday & Windsor Park tonight! Felt fantastic being back in stadiums (especially Anfield of course). I had a tear in my eye on Sunday. 😢
  16. I'm going to Liverpool vs Athletic Bilbao tomorrow! 😀
  17. It's no problem at all man. Yeah, I'm a big Olympics fan as well (2 days WFH has been nice with the Olympics on lol). Crazy to think that Chelsea are playing €115m for him!
  18. Was that the double sculls? I'm a Northern Ireland guy, but I did see that Ireland won a gold in rowing. LOL I've been really impressed with Villas transfer business, spending the Grealish money really wisely (even though he hasn't been sold yet lol). Buendia, Bailey and Ings! With more to come. Crazy money!
  19. Incredible!! What Colin Jackson said describes it perfectly.
  20. Villa without Grealish are looking strong. Buendia, Bailey and I saw them being strongly linked with Cantwell today.
  21. I don't suspect even a hint of sarcasm here. 😉
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