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  1. How have teams not taken an option on some of these guys?? Daniel Sturridge being one of them. I know there are fitness issues, but get him fit and what a player you'd have!
  2. Thanks guys, I'm able to get all of them bar Goncalves.
  3. Who would you buy from this list? (Can't get Bellingham or Nketiah) (I already have Brobbey, and I have bids in for Puig & Phillips). In a setup with an 85 rating limit for purchases.
  4. Yeah, that's true. O'Neill took quite a long time to get things right. We've lost a lot of our best players to retirement, which says it a lot about our squad. Gavin Whyte has looked decent in his appearances, although he hasn't been given many starts. I haven't been following the U21s recently, which is something I aim to rectify. Baraclough is probably the best man to bring through the young players, after being U21 manager for over 2 years.
  5. I think we did yeah, I know the results haven't been great under Ian, but the performances have been decent enough. A big problem for Ian is that, Stevie Davis our captain is now 35 , and his impact on matches is becoming less and less. His impact is greatly missed, as he ran matches for us. We also don't have many goals in our team.
  6. I'm actually from Northern Ireland lol. My username isn't what it seems. 🤣
  7. What a list! Thank you! Delighted to see Scotland qualifying, especially after Northern Ireland lost. I was gutted! 😭😟
  8. Cheers! Yeah, that's true. Gomez out for the season by the looks of it! I'm still confident with the options that we have. I know what you mean, but I think we'd have enough to cover their absence (depending on the length of the absence).
  9. Cheers Kieran! Cheers Sir! 😟😭 Bloody international duty strikes again!! Jurgen could choose to play Milner at RB, if we have a young CB on the right side of defence. But yeah, our young defenders are definitely due a lot more game time. Fabinho is meant to be back after the international break, but I haven't heard an update on that. Good to see you still tipping us for the title Kieran! 😉
  10. Hi @thorgan lesar, Zinho Vanheusden is available. Should I buy him? In a setup which is limited to buying players of a max 85 rating.
  11. In a setup with an 85 rating limit for signing players. Who to sell from this lot? (This is my loan team). Thanks in advance.
  12. Sorry, I haven't been on in a couple of days. I'm struggling to think of anything to ask though. An amazing start! Their clean sheet record is something else as well.
  13. Jota has been incredible! Hit the ground running and hasn't stopped. I was delighted when he signed, as he looked like the perfect player who could cover for any of the front 3. He is showing that he is better than that, on this form he is worthy to be a starter. He is in esteemed company there!!
  14. And he has been absolutely brilliant for us since Van Dijk got injured!
  15. I money that Messi is on is crazy, Barca are asking players to take wage cuts! The players are refusing to, but Pique took one & it didn't go down well in dressing room apparently. Yeah, it probably will happen. All the movement from the big clubs (Project Big Picture etc) recently is pointing to that fact that football will be changing. The big clubs are trying to use their power to get more money.
  16. He is trying to make himself look good, as he also announced that Barcelona agreed yesterday to be part of the European Super League. This is from BBC Sport 'In a leaving speech Bartomeu said Barca had begun proceedings to join a Super League to help its financial future'. Who was it who put Barca into a financial mess? Bartomeu!! He is just trying not to leave under a cloud. It has failed immediately. No-one has been taken in by it.
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