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  1. Utd apparently see Everton as a top 4 rival, so didn't want to let him go there. Just let the guy go!!
  2. I really don't think Ed Woodward knows what he is doing. Telles could a decent signing, but the deal should have been done ages ago. Cavani is such a desperation signing, Man Utd should not be signing someone like Cavani. Now that they've missed out of Sancho, means it'll never happen. He'll go elsewhere next summer (I have a feeling it'll be Liverpool). Ole isn't good enough to be the Utd manager, but a new manager would still have the same problem of Ed being a fool and the Glazers only caring about money and not success.
  3. I am in shock! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Awful mistakes, awful defending & awful bad luck (I'm not blaming the defeat on bad luck, Villa deserved to win). LOL
  4. Cavani might be a free agent, but he will be getting a wage of £200k+ and apparently his agent is getting £10m!! A LB is incoming, the Telles deal is done. Doesn't look like a CB is happening, but after the shocking defending in the Spurs match so far, they could be making a last ditch move for someone.
  5. Only United would pursue Sancho for the whole window and end up with Cavani! 😆 (Although there is big talk about James Maddison now, not that United need a player like him).
  6. Yeah, Woy got it exactly right, that's definitely whats going to happen. Its going to become such a mess! I really don't know, I haven't seen much of Ruben Dias playing. I would need the opinion of @TMCostaas well.
  7. That decision was unbelievable! As well as some of the other decisions this weekend. Something has to be done about the handball rule! City have a new CB incoming, but imo they need a new RB and a new LB as well. Walker is nowhere near good enough for them. Mendy is awful. Ake will probably move to LB, with Dias playing with Laporte, but is Ake a LB? Not really.
  8. I would imagine it will be Sterling. Delap will get his chance again midweek against Burnley, although if he repeats when he did versus Bournemouth, it won't hurt his chances of some PL minutes.
  9. It would be nice to see him get his career back on track. Derby have a really good young player on their books now. Looks like he will be involved with the U23s to start with, which I suppose is understandable.
  10. I kind of feel sorry for him about his Fiorentina move, his agent was such a bad influence on him. If he had stayed at Liverpool, he could have made big steps. He has lost so much momentum by going to Italy.
  11. Yeah, the hype is real! With his coaching at the Academy, I'm looking forward to his progression. U18s, through to U23s.
  12. Big news about James. He only turned 17 last Sunday, Liverpool have wasted no time in getting him signed up!
  13. I think once Mendy is confirmed for Chelsea, that will be their defensive business finished. They are crying out for another CB! Thiago Silva will be a great signing, but they need someone else. Diop, Cullen and Moyes received their positive Covid results during the match!! The 3 of them had to leave the stadium at HT! What a disaster!! How did the match even go ahead before they got the Covid results back?? He has agreed personal terms apparently. Barca and Norwich haven't been able to agree a fee yet.
  14. @thorgan lesarHey, in a set up that is limited to buying players with a maximum rating of 85. Keep or sell these guys? Arnaud Bodart, Maarten Vandevoordt, Sebastiaan Bornauw, Killian Sardella, Aster Vranckx, Mike Ndayishimiye & Gaëtan Coucke
  15. Yeah, Gini does not get the praise he deserves.
  16. Fabinho and Henderson are definite starters, so I think Thiago would come in for Naby. Although with the midfield options that we have now, there will be a lot of rotation. especially with the games being so non stop this season. Koeman likes Gini, but talk is that Gini wants to stay at Liverpool. He is in the last year of his contract and apparently he won't be offered an extension. Looks like he'll be staying & I want him to stay.
  17. I don't think anyone will be sold, if thats what you mean. If you mean, whose place will he take, probably Gini. Although I'm not sure. Will be interesting to see where Jurgen deploys him. We have amazing midfield options now! Both deals confirmed!! I don't know we keep doing this! Michael Edwards is incredible! Paying 10% in the first year!
  18. I made some tweaks to my team tonight. With the budget, you definitely have to look for some bargains!
  19. Going under the radar just how good their window has been. Brentford have exploited Villas desperation to buy a striker. All the best to you in the UK Sir. I hope you're not in an area that is being locked down again. A couple of fools!!
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