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  1. Francisco RODRIGUEZ just changed from CB/LB to CB, so I am now in need of a new LB. Could anyone recommend any LBs to me? I would like an 89+ LB, or someone lower who is guaranteed to go up to 89+. Preferably a young player. Also I have Rod Fanni, does anyone know if he is worth keeping? If he isn't, could someone recommend anyone (RB/CB/LB) to swap for him.
  2. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. Who would anyone recommend I swap Rod Fanni RB/CB 26y/o SM Value £5,730,000 for? I would like to get a RB/CB in the swap, but one that will go up to @ least 89 in a rating increase. Cheers.
  3. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay.
  4. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. Can someone tell me about the rating prospects for the following players? Denis Caniza, Israel Castro and Francisco Rodriguez. All based in Mexico.
  5. Re: Squad help Can anyone help? Should I move this to the Player Ratings section to get some help?
  6. Can anyone tell me the probable rating changes for my team, also could you advise me on who I should sell and who I should keep. LANDREAU, Mickael G 28 90 FRIEDEL, Brad G 36 89 RODRIGUEZ, Dario LB/CB 33 88 FANNI, Rod RB/CB 26 88 CANIZA, Denis CB/LB 33 89 RODRIGUEZ, Francisco CB/LB 26 89 CASTRO, Israel CB/RB 27 89 RUBEN, Gonzalez CB 26 86 ARANGO, Juan LM/AM 27 89 DONI, Cristiano LM/AM 34 89 GALASEK, Tomas CM/DM 35 90 TUGAY, Kerimoglu CM/DM 37 88 JORGE WAGNER, Góes DM/LM 29 89 RUI COSTA, Manuel AM/CM 35 89 MALONEY, Shaun AM/W 25 88 GAKPE, Serge AM/F 20 87 ODEMWINGIE, Peter F/W 26 89 BERGESSIO, Gonzalo F 23 88 AILTON, Goncalves CF 34 86 RODRIGUEZ Dario, RUBEN Gonzalez, MALONEY Shaun and GAKPE Serge are already on the transfer list.
  7. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Is Bergessio seriously going to down 1? He is playing fantastically for my team, don't want an 87 in my team! Would you recommend that I sell him before he goes down?
  8. Re: Gonzalo BERGESSIO Oh ok, sorry about that. I don't know why I didn't think about searching first. I usually do. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know what will happen with Gonzalo BERGESSIOs rating in the current Portugal rating changes? I know he moved to Benfica last year, was hoping he would go up as he is playing really well for my team.
  10. Re: Suggest a swap deal? Can anyone help me about Gapke?
  11. Re: Suggest a swap deal? He is too expensive. I don't have any money to add to the deal, so I am wanting players just to use Rodriguez in the swap deal. Most unmanaged teams put his value between £3-5m. Also does anyone know if I should keep Serge Gapke? I kept him thinking he would go up in the French ratings, but he didn't move off 87.
  12. Re: Suggest a swap deal? Cheer, Zanetti and Nocerino are both @ managed teams, but LEGROTTAGLIE is unmanaged, think I'll bid for him closer to the Italian rating change. Rossi and Crosas are both also @ managed teams. Still need to find someone in midfield to replace Maloney.
  13. Re: Suggest a swap deal? Yeah I know about it. I look in there everyday, was just hoping people could suggest certain players to suit my plans.
  14. Re: Suggest a swap deal? Cheers, but Thiago Heleno, Breno and Guardado are all at managed clubs and Molinaro is too expensive. I would just want to do straight swaps and maybe use a youth player as well in the swap deal. I am wanting to swap players from unmanaged teams, obviously you won't know what the players situation is. I manage Crvena Zvezda in World Championship 279. I am looking to get a cheapish defender (as Rodriquez isn't worth much), but with Maloney I should be able to get someone a bit dearer.
  15. I am thinking about swapping a couple of my players, but want to know who to get. I want to get in players that will have a rating increase soon. I want to swap - Player Name: Dario RODRIGUEZ Club Name: Crvena Zvezda (Managed) Age: 33 years old Nationality: Uruguayan Position: Left Back/Centre Back (LB/CB) Rating: Help 88 Last Rating Change: 1 SM Value: Help £2,674,000 and Player Name: Shaun MALONEY Club Name: Crvena Zvezda (Managed) Age: 25 years old Nationality: Scottish Position: Attacking Midfield/Winger (AM/W) Rating: Help 88 Last Rating Change: 1 SM Value: Help £5,921,000 Please suggest 87+ players for the same positions that will go up in rating soon. Increasing to 89+. Cheers.
  16. Hey, my mate in his last match had 7 players with a rating of 10! Seven 10 ratings! Amazing! I was wondering if this is a record for Soccer Manager. Does anyone know if it is? Also does anyone know of any other Soccer Manager records? It would be cool, if there was somewhere you could look to see records for transfers and matches, i.e. biggest fee paid, most goals my one team, highest scoring match. P.S. I am in Championship 279. His team is Osasuna.
  17. Re: Martin Galvan Anyone have any idea what the maximum bid would be for him? I mean the maximum bid SMFA have set for him. I bid £500k for him, cause 2 other teams were bidding for him.
  18. Re: The Race For Daniel Opare Laffers, how do you know about the maximum bid SMFA puts on players? I'm in Championship 279, and a bid keeps on getting rejected by SMFA from another team for Opare. It is very annoying! As I am trying to buy him!
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