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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Kieran. You are a big part of the brilliant community that we have here. Brilliant response from Mbappe. 😂
  2. Wow! Good work going through the whole lot man!
  3. I'll go with this. 😂 (I didn't create this, so I'm not claiming credit for it).
  4. Wow, that stadium location is stunning! It deserves to be in the big time!
  5. There is a crazy merry-go-round of managers going on! I don't know why Poch would go back to Spurs, it would be a step down for him. Apparently he had a meeting with Leonardo on Monday, to plan for next season, so I can't see it happening for Spurs.
  6. It is a joyous thing. Twitter comes into its own on nights like tonight!
  7. Musialowski looks some player, so easy on the eye. The way he runs with the ball. I hope he makes it at Liverpool. Barry really impressed me as well.
  8. What a victory! Absolutely superb, showing that class is permanent! SM don't care about cheating, I have tried everything to get a cheat suspended/punished in one of my GWs, SM have done nothing at all! So annoying!! Aston Villa played really well, Liverpool did well not to concede more. Disappointing from Liverpool in the end, but the future does look bright for us with some of those players.
  9. You mean he won't jump to 90?? 😉 Yeah, it does sum them up perfectly. Willock goes out on loan, and they have players like Willian who can't buy a goal (I know he just scored his first one, but it took all season).
  10. I saw it yeah. He is such a sore loser!!
  11. Nat Phillips, what rise could he realistically achieve? He has been outstanding for us! I'm not over exaggerating, he really has been outstanding.
  12. What an impact he has had! Newcastle will do well to sign him permanently, because he has shown just how good he is. Arsenal should be keeping him and starting him!
  13. Come on Liverpool! We have to take our chance now!
  14. Amazing isn't it?? This is more amazing though! What a header!!! What an ending to the match! 😃😍
  15. Steven Paul is the Soccer Manager contact on the Soccer Manager Discord group. He doesn't post on this forum.
  16. I emailed them with a report of cheating, I'm still waiting for a reply weeks later. Steven Paul on the Discord is a decent guy, I've tried going through him to get a reply to my email. It is slow progress, but I'm hopeful that I'll get somewhere. The cheaters know they can get away it, because SM couldn't care less about it.
  17. It is infuriating the way cheating is dealt with! Lucky you to get the spare account removed, I haven't had success in my GW.
  18. Thanks guys, I've included £20m in the deal as well. I really hope the guy goes for it!
  19. I've proposed a swap deal between Sterling and Haaland (I have Sterling). Does that sound like a good or bad swap from me?
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