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  1. From recent experience, they do absolutely nothing about cheating. There is cheating happening in one of my GWs and it is obvious, SM have done nothing about it. I have emailed them and heard nothing back. I've contacted Steven Paul on the Discord group and I'm putting that he'll push for some action to be taken.
  2. He looks some player. I follow our U18 and U23 teams, his form this season has been amazing!
  3. On a 3 year contract, because that has always gone well. 😂 Take care man!
  4. Yeah, use support@soccermanager.com to report it. I was told to report cheating there, but unfortunately I haven't received a reply yet. The SM contact on the Discord channel is also a point of contact, if you are on the Discord channel. I have used him to follow up my initial report, because of the lack of a reply. Its really really annoying that cheating isn't being punished, which is exactly why people cheat.
  5. Maybe the big 12 did it on purpose, as self punishment? 😂 Although for Liverpool in particular, they don't deserve any excuses to be made for them! 😕😭🤦‍♂️
  6. I saw that earlier, so happy! If he can stay fit, it could be a bargain! Take care man! You and your family are in my thoughts.
  7. It is great to see the power than fans still have. Great for the owners to see that! Maybe it'll teach them a lesson. This is where I hope that football learns its lesson. The way the money has spirriled out of control over the years, was always going to lead to something like the ESL. UEFA, FIFA, The FA, PL etc etc have had many chances to curtail the crazy money, but did nothing. Something has to change, or another ESL will pop up at some stage. Well if he wants to repair the damage, it would certainly help. 😂
  8. Now to wait for the owners to apologise (apart from Arsenals). There is talk that FSG and the Glazers are ready to sell. The fallout from this will be massive, fans won't forget. (Chelsea and City fans will probably forgive, because if they lose their owners, then they could lose their success).
  9. I initially though it was a power play, but I don't think it is anymore. The owners are sticking with it. The only thing that could stop it, is player/fan/manager power and courts. Daniel Levy is a genius. The perfect day to sack Jose! It will be small print on the back pages.
  10. I can't believe that even after the backlash today, that they have gone ahead and released full details. The repercussion are going to be massive! Clubs banned from domestic football. Players banned from playing for their countries. Will managers walk? Will players leave? The owners of all 12 clubs are an absolute disgrace!
  11. Go on Steve! He has done well to turn things around, 3 really decent results in a row. Good attacking intent shown against West Ham.
  12. I did watch the game yeah. They played so well! Fully deserving winners. That tackle was hilarious, it was like the ball didn't even exist. So cynical and started to walk off the pitch before the ref even showed her the red card. 😂
  13. Good to see some attention for Northern Ireland. Talking about Northern Ireland, the women's team qualified for the 2022 Euros tonight!! Amazing!!
  14. Linfield Gate Receipts £3,140,007 TV Revenue £6,553,320 Sponsor £1,105.70 Merchandise £368,569
  15. Couldn't even see if the ball had left Trents foot in that frame. Isn't clear and obvious, so give the goal! What a mess! Go on Steve Bruce, I knew he had it in him. 😉
  16. He replied, told me to email the support department with the match fixing report.
  17. I was shown the red card as well (I assume for lack of input), but I've joined again lol.
  18. How long does it usually take Steven Paul to reply to a message? (I sent him a private message).
  19. Cheers. Good idea. I’ve sent him a message, just waiting for a reply.
  20. Anyone had any experience with reporting match fixing? What was the response from SM? There was clear match fixing tonight in one of my GWs, between two teams managed by the same guy (he has cheated with transfers before between the teams, and SM let it continue despite multiple reports). Stupidly only one manager can report match fixing.
  21. Thanks guys. Yeah, all of their appearances are starts.
  22. I've been taking them off at HT, because 75 minutes counts as a full appearance. Correct? Or is it 60 minutes? Their ratings are 90, 91 and 94. They've been playing constantly from the moment they reached level 4 (with a bit of game time before that). 17 league games played so far. Chilwell 7 appearances + 5 in the cups, Diego Carlos 7 appearances + 5 in the cups and Koulibaly 7 + 6 in the cups. I'm confident that I'll get them down to level 3, as I've done it a few times before. I didn't know he had it in him!
  23. I have 3 players at level 4, they are all around 80% fitness. Rest them or keep playing them because of the risk of level 5?
  24. Ok, he did you wrong, but does that make match fixing ok? No, it doesn't. You say you won't do it again, that doesn't even matter, because you did it once and you don't care that you did it. Cheating of any kind in Soccer Manager is completely breaking the rules. I'm not taking sides, because I don't even know what he is meant to have said. I'm just giving my POV about your cheating.
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