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  1. Why didn't he do a diving celebration for his goal??
  2. Yeah, surely the release clause means talks don't really have to take place with RB Leipzig? Yeah, the injuries are definitely a concern.
  3. Absolutely delighted with this! Apparently we have stolen a march on everyone, sounds like the deal is close. Getting someone so highly rated for ÂŖ35m would be brilliant, the injuries are a concern, but he is still young. If we get Konate for ÂŖ35m and Kabak for ÂŖ18m, it will be great business!
  4. The ref attempting to bounce the ball, just in case it wasn't as wet as it looked. 😂
  5. Love it! Top Cat was one of my favourites when I was a kid.
  6. I was in the Discord channel, but when I went onto to it today, I was no longer in the channel. I was inactive in it, is that why I was removed? (Assuming I was removed).
  7. Yeah, that's a good point. He might decide to sell up, to help his other businesses. Surely he'll get fed up with Newcastle at some point. He has become so disliked because of his ownership.
  8. No need to apologise. Mike doesn't realise what a big club he has. Inject a bit of money with Rafa there and the club would have been flying! Rafa overachieved as you said, imagine what he could have done with even a medium size budget. I don't think Ashley will sell (sorry), because he would surely have to reduce his asking price (if you get relegated), something he has been against this whole time.
  9. Tne way Ashley runs the club makes no sense at all. He is a business man. He seems to run his non footballing business well, but why not the same with Newcastle? If Newcastle are in the PL, then they are worth more money. So why not get a decent manager and give him the support he needs? He didn't seem to appreciate how good it was to have Rafa at the club.
  10. I've had to max bid for Hazard now. ☚ī¸ I see that Mike Ashley is still supporting Bruce apparently, which doesn't surprise me. As you can't expect Mike to do the right thing. Surely it is time for Bruce to go? Even if it was just to be replaced by Graeme Jones.
  11. Eden Hazard has reached level 5 in my set up, he is available for ÂŖ17.3m. Even with him due to drop in rating, would he still be worth buying?
  12. I think Trent has improved defensively this season, but I can see why Reece would be first choice atm. I have no idea how Trippier gets into the squad instead of Trent. I'm happy with this draw for us. Real and then Chelsea or Porto. Missing all the big guns if we make the final.
  13. No TAA is a joke. His form might have dipped slightly, but he is still good enough for the England squad. This is the last time the squad meets up before the Euros. It's a big call from Southgate. Also, Southgate usually picks players even if their club form has dipped, as long as they've played well for himself with England (Pickford being the best example). 🤷‍♂ī¸
  14. Sorry to see him go. I read that there was tension with the owner, as Chris Wilder was disappointed that they didn't do any business in the January transfer window.
  15. I really started to go off Haaland after this. He is incredibly arrogant, reminds me of Zlatan.
  16. A weekly post like this one would be great! What a match! Well done Porto, with 10 men! Ronaldo in the wall for the free kick, turns his back and lifts his foot. Ball goes under his leg and into the net. What a fool!
  17. You made up for lost time lol! Harsh red card, he was clearly trying to get the ball.😂
  18. Welcome back! Did you not have another device to use, for looking at the forums and most important, doing your teams in your GWs?
  19. Any info on the new players who were added today? Nile John etc. Your section about Must Buy or Worth to Buy has been really helpful.
  20. I'm not in the discord, are you able to give me the link? Thanks.
  21. After having to self isolate, for breaking COVID restrictions, by having a party with 4 of his teammates and friends. He is lucky that Stevie G is so forgiving, to put him back into the squad so quickly. I would imagine that all is forgiven now though. 😂
  22. I wise decision imo. Playing for Bayern, makes sense to play for Germany. LOL yeah, he is dead to them now. 😂
  23. I heard tonight on 5Live that he will deciding soon whether he wants to represent Germany or England. German media are confident that he'll choose Germany. Might even get a call up in the next international break.
  24. With our CB issues, it will be difficult, but Fabinho is due back in the next week or so, so that will help greatly! We'll take him! What Kieran says. Can't wait for him to be back. The problem for him is, that coming back after being out for so long, it could take him a while to get up to speed.
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