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  1. You made up for lost time lol! Harsh red card, he was clearly trying to get the ball.😂
  2. Welcome back! Did you not have another device to use, for looking at the forums and most important, doing your teams in your GWs?
  3. Any info on the new players who were added today? Nile John etc. Your section about Must Buy or Worth to Buy has been really helpful.
  4. I'm not in the discord, are you able to give me the link? Thanks.
  5. After having to self isolate, for breaking COVID restrictions, by having a party with 4 of his teammates and friends. He is lucky that Stevie G is so forgiving, to put him back into the squad so quickly. I would imagine that all is forgiven now though. 😂
  6. I wise decision imo. Playing for Bayern, makes sense to play for Germany. LOL yeah, he is dead to them now. 😂
  7. I heard tonight on 5Live that he will deciding soon whether he wants to represent Germany or England. German media are confident that he'll choose Germany. Might even get a call up in the next international break.
  8. With our CB issues, it will be difficult, but Fabinho is due back in the next week or so, so that will help greatly! We'll take him! What Kieran says. Can't wait for him to be back. The problem for him is, that coming back after being out for so long, it could take him a while to get up to speed.
  9. 3-4 weeks I saw. 😭 😭😭 It is unbelievable!! Can this season just hurry up and finish please?? City should go all out for Haaland or Kane!
  10. Far too many moves for him, he can't settle at one club. There must be a problem with him (attitude etc). He is Northern Ireland's best striker, I wish he could settle at a club, because it would be better for our national team.
  11. He was in talks with Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe, but the deal collapsed. Then Kilmarnock came in for him. He was at Reggina this season, but he left in January by mutual agreement. I suspect that someone won't be refereeing for a long time lol.
  12. A transfer which I haven't seen on here. (I always look out for moves for the Northern Ireland players).
  13. I'm speaking as a Liverpool fan lol. I think there is little chance of them changing manager in the summer. Naglesmann would be a great appointment, but Ole is the perfect man for the board to have in place. He won't rock the boat etc. Their CBs will always be an issue, thanks to them spending so much money on Harry.
  14. Yeah, no matter how well people think that Ole has done, United will never get back to where they were with him in charge. Bruno has been carrying them since he joined.
  15. A week ago, Ole said United weren't in title race. After the WBA match, he said they were still in the title race. Make up your mind man! 😂🤦‍♂️
  16. What a list. Interesting to see where some forgotten names are playing now. Wasted talents, but can't blame them for going to where the money is.
  17. Yeah, they are stuck with him. They'll never be able to get a 'Van Dijk' in when Harry is there. If Southgate picked the best team available, then I think they'd be good enough. Pickford is nowhere good enough to play for England, it should be Pope. Centre back I agree, they are weak. Midfield would be better, if Southgate picked the right players. The team/squad has the potential to be outstanding, but as you say, the system isn't right for them.
  18. The only difference being the class of player getting injured lol (Manquillo, Wilson & Kraft).
  19. With the potential that England have, they should have a brilliant chance of being in the final. Their attacking options are incredible! Defensively they are sound enough (any team with Harry Maguire in it will always have a weakness).
  20. Thanks for your help guys! I have trimmed my squad substantially now!
  21. I'd like some advice on trimming my squad please. I'm very close to the squad limit, so I need a clear out. Any suggestions on who to sale, I would be grateful. Thanks. (I'm sure you'll be happy to know, that this is the last post from my squad.).
  22. I'd like some advice on trimming my squad please. I'm very close to the squad limit, so I need a clear out. Any suggestions on who to sale, I would be grateful. Thanks. (I won't post my whole squad, for obvious reasons).
  23. Suspended pending being sacked with immediate effect I read. Rafa was approached for the job, but doesn't want to move to France.
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