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  1. Re: Jerome boateng underrated!!! Anyone that thinks Boateng deserves a 92 has no idea what they're talking about. The only reason he's looked good is because he plays for one of the best teams in the world. Think of him playing for Hull City and then see if you'd give him 92. He is not as good as other 92-rated defenders, such as Godin, Bonucci, Subotic, Ivanovic or Pepe, and he's not better than 91-rated players, such as, Garay, Miranda, Koscielny, Benatia or Terry.
  2. Re: Which world class center back will rise next?
  3. Re: Uruguayan League Seems HE wants the medal all for predicting a player's ratings. Who cares?
  4. Re: Uruguayan League So? I didn't buy him because of you, I bought him because I knew how underrated he was.
  5. Re: Uruguayan League FINALLY, Rolin has gone up. Great news for me, I only bought him for £300k and he's now worth £2.9m . He's definitely going up for sale when his transfer ban ends.
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