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  1. Re: Jerome boateng underrated!!! Anyone that thinks Boateng deserves a 92 has no idea what they're talking about. The only reason he's looked good is because he plays for one of the best teams in the world. Think of him playing for Hull City and then see if you'd give him 92. He is not as good as other 92-rated defenders, such as Godin, Bonucci, Subotic, Ivanovic or Pepe, and he's not better than 91-rated players, such as, Garay, Miranda, Koscielny, Benatia or Terry.
  2. Re: Which world class center back will rise next?
  3. Re: pedro for mata... ? Mata should be a 94 in the next ratings, alongside David Silva. I would be surprised if Pedro ever gets above his 93
  4. Re: Neymar or Wilshere? Swap him for Wilshere, it will serve you right for asking such a ridiculous question.
  5. Re: Danny Welbeck He'll get a 90 just for being at Man Utd. I think he's absolutely shyte and was the worst player on the pitch against Liverpool but the pundit gave him Man of the Match. He just plays as the target man - collecting the ball then passing it backwards.
  6. Re: Riferimento: pastore
  7. Re: Arturo vidal Vidal is one of the best players in his position in the world right now. You should get him whilst he is still a 91.
  8. Re: Renato AUGUSTO On the first page here he has 12, yes TWELVE threads asking about players. He is the new Tee.
  9. Re: micah richards No chance of a 90. he's not even first choice for his club and he's behind Johnson and Walker for England. He still has potential but seeing as he suffers with injuries and the managers he is under don't particularly favour him, 89 is fair.
  10. Re: Luis Suarez A few good matches? LOL! He's been Liverpool's best player for the past two seasons. 298 club career appearances, 178 goals, 60 assists. 110 games for Ajax, 81 goals. A few good matches? What are you on? He is much more than just a forward too, he comes deep and does his work from there when needed. He has an excellent all round game. He was also Copa America Player of the Tournament last year, no mean feat. Not to mention that Uruguay won that tournament. You really should do your research before making comments, shouldn't you? And when have I ever changed my opinion on him? I haven't really spoken about him before, so stop lying.
  11. Re: Luis Suarez He's better than Aguero and Tevez, in my opinion. Aguero has scored a few goals recently, but he's not close to his form of last year. He's better than Rooney too. I'd say he's on par with van Persie as far as EPL forwards go. Suarez's main rating increase hurdle will be him playing for Liverpool. If we are rating him on quality alone, I'd give him a 94/95. He is definitely up there with the world's best. Also, he is top drawer for his country too.
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