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  1. JAMO-LUFC-15

    New Spanish/Youth based league

    No interest so idea scrapped
  2. JAMO-LUFC-15

    New Spanish/Youth based league

    I have had a free game world which SM gave me for a long while. Although it is basic I thought I may as well see if I could gain some interest for a new concept, so I have come up with the following. If i get enough interest quick enough I plan to create the game world early next week. It is a 2 division Spanish championship. You can register your interest beforehand in any of the teams below: Aalves Athletic Club Barcelona Celta Deportivo Eibar Espanyol Getafe Levante Malaga Betis Madrid Soceidad Sevilla Valencia Villereal Las Palmas Girona Leagnes Albacete Almeria Granada Cadiz Cordoba Gimnastic Mallorca Numancia Osasuna Racing Club Sporting Tenerife Valladolid Zaragoza Vallecano Huesca Oviedo Alcaron Cultural Leonesa CD Lugo Once in your team you will have to recall all loan players and send all back as no loans are allowed at any of the clubs. You then have to make your team fall under the falling criteria: 25 Man squad cap 10 Players must be Home Grown (Spanish) 10 Players must be under the age of 21 (Youth Players) You can have up to 5 players outside of this criteria (Any age, or nationality) In each team you play you must play at least 3 x Youth players, and 3 x Home Grown players After 1 season transfers will be limited to 3 per team for season 2 After 2 seasons, fingers crossed, then I be open to rule changes to change the world up slightly. This will be my first game world and with it being a free one I wont be able to put a lot of these settings on so it will require some self managing to follow these rules to keep the world as interesting as possible. Hopefully this can be of interest and we can get another thriving game world for as long as possible. Please register your interest below :)
  3. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

  4. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Grillitsch for me Suarez IMO Been offered Marcano and Cervi for Plea, in competitive world? Thinking about it Also been offered Cuadrado for Phillip, not too sure on this?
  5. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thanks. Thought he might be on for a rise
  6. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Been offered 3mil and Nkoulou for Harry Maguire. Worth it?
  7. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'd keep for now The duo for me For me Oblak ahead of Neuer who is struggling with injuries Salah, Suarez, Hazard, Fekir personally I would yes, funds could be very useful as well.
  8. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Fight for your job

    Sounds a good world. I've applied for Palace if possible.
  9. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Dembele for me Neto zapapcosta Laporte, Romagnoli Allan/Strootman Keep Messi Skriniar
  10. JAMO-LUFC-15

    The Challenge

    I'm interested
  11. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    The duo for me. Jota been amazing at Wolves and will kick on. Rudy just got rise. The duo Tough choice. Van De Beek and Kluivert for me Umtiti for sure I'd choose Sterling at this moment The duo Kola
  12. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Semedo Salah Hummels, Chelleni and Aguero personally First 3 for me Isco I slightly prefer No I wouldn't. If Alonso doesn't get a game sell him and buy Davies so you gain some profit Williams for me, very close decision though Neymar I'd say
  13. JAMO-LUFC-15

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Rabiot for me Costa and Martial just IMO Suarez and the money for sure I'd keep Romangnoli and the money personally Calvert Lewin been very good this season but personally think Tom Davis edges it. Very close though. Rugani getting more game time and better I think I'd probably keep Asensio and Lemar. CB very hard to get though so if you need a CB and have good attack I'd be tempted. Get Keita on that deal