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  1. Guys, I have the following players and i'll be honest, they hardly play, I am merely keeping them for potential: Mateo Kovacic (£3.8m) Adam Maher (£5.4m) Kurt Zouma (£3.4m) Basically, I need to sell one of them to fund a move for Lucas Moura, as I have £9m in the bank and he's worth £11m-ish. My questions is which would you ditch to generate the extra cash? Cheers fellas
  2. Hi there guys, this is my first post so please be gentle... I have received 2 offers - £30.1m for Hazard and £17.3m for Javi Martinez, is it worth accepting the offers and ploughing the money into Ronaldo (£47.4m). Basically, these are my set-ups with / without Ronaldo: With RVP Busquets Gotze Munian Ronaldo Messi Without Gotze Busquets Martinez Hazard RVP Messi Please let me know your thoughts or any other suggestions? Many thanks
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