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  1. Re: Ozil or Aguero??! Ozil for me mate
  2. Ok we've all got to that point where you roam around SM but you don't really have a good reason to. Your transfers are all done, your tactics are set, but your match results are still not here... Well when that happens I try to look for a nice game to kill my time and I found one which is really awesome and It would be nice if we could make a SM team on it. For you strategy fans out there, its kind of an online mix of Risk (the board game) and Civilization, but very well made. A good point is you can adjust game time according to your availability (want to play only 45mins, do a continent map, want to play for 2hours do a world map with 20 players) You can find the game here: http://atwar-game.com/?p=394892 Tell me if you join, we can meet in game, play some maps and maybe even create a SM coalition if we have enough SM members joining. I hope it's not uncorrect of me to advertise here for another game, but since i saw people advertize for other online games i figured it was OK. See you on the battlefield (on SM OR on Atwar ) Tofu
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello all, could you please help me order : Tiago Ilori Ross Barkley Simone Zaza Chances are i'll only be able to take 2 of those Thank you
  4. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Yes, a huuuuugge 400k lol
  5. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only After a crazy game, Spartak qualified for semi-final of the SMFA cup! Belouch's team will play against Arsenal while the other game will oppose Juventus and Manchester City. Spartak recently lost the 1st position of division 2 after 2 straight losses 4-3. But this qualification should boost their morale! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAK
  6. Re: It has become impossible to make transfers It is ridiculous and killing my fun in this game. I play a GW where money was already important, but now all the people in the GW are stuck and cannot make any good deals with each other because the deals that chairman allows are ridiculous and completely unbalanced, and the deals that are of interest to both managers, the chairman blocks.... Can you believe that someone like Giovinco or Negredo is only is worth 6M in part exchange. And Draxler 9M... How are we supposed to play like this...
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Demba Ba or Bony ?
  8. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bale!!!!!!
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Well not in the starting XI but Salvio and Draxler are my 3rd and 4th wingmen so they play a bit and since they will both reach 90 in next review i think, they can be in my starting XI (my 2 actual wingers are 90)
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Draxler + Salvio + Bony for Ozil?
  11. Re: It has become impossible to make transfers Basically the new P/E rules made money more important in GW where money was not important (such as GW starting with 300M each) but for GW where money was ALREADY very important, it has become unplayable, so player values and most importantly chairman need to be adapted.
  12. I love the new finance systems that give more power to money, the game needed that. However, other stuff around it needs to be tweeked because now it has become unplayable. 3 things make it impossible to trade : 1. the value of players depending on your team's rating. Great, i buy a player for his CV at 6.2M, and at the end of his TB, he is worth 4.1M (with no change in rating or in age). I understand the point of this rule, but it is not only a little bit stupid (neymar going to barca doesnt make his value go from 57 down to 30....), but most important it is way too big...... ok for a 10% reduction, but a 33% drop? seriously? I've also add another player that rose from 88 to 90 and now i can sell him CHEAPER than i bought him.... 2. chairman Chairman imposing minimum/maximum bids is a nightmare. I've had many agreements for trades with people in my GW but when we try to do it we cannot because of chairman.This is mostly due to some players being overvalued and some others being way undervalued (Draxler at 8.9M...Demba Ba at 6.0M... seriously???) So for example to get Higuain; we had agreed on Higuain = Draxler + Gustavo But because of chairman even Draxler + Gustavo + Dembelé + Negredo would not be sufficient..... 3. Player values They are just so terribly wrong and sadly they are now the only thing that decide if a transfer is possible or not... Unknown 83 rated players can reach 5M, and some immense prospects like Draxler are not even worth double that, and worse, some amazing players like Negredo are worth only 1M more...... Also, i have both Busquets and Ronaldo in my team. Busquets is 38M, Ronaldo is 39M...What the hell? age is important i agree, but not THAT much! Comparing player value in game to player value on transfermarkt, you will realise some are at 100% of their real price, and some are divided by 4 (like Ba who is here at 6M instead of 21M so 3.5 times less..)....
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello all, Heung Min SON or Duarte BERNARD or Juan CUADRADO Thanks!
  14. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Spartak : Transfer budget : 24 M Players sold : 2.5 M Players bought : 19.7 M Remaining budget : 6.8 M Wage adjustment : no wage adjustment, wage mass is under the allowed budget. Budget remaining for next season : 6.8 M
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... -Gonzalo Castro OR Nicolas N'koulou -Luis Fernandinho OR John Obi Mikel -Alvaro Negredo or Jackson Martinez ? Thanks guys
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