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  1. In gold 304 Ac Milan manager is putting in fake managers left and right, to do deals with himself while SMFA is sound asleep. 1. Puts in fake manager at Chelsea and, before anyone can put in any bids in,... and without advertising,....does three garbage deals, all in favor of Ac Milan,....and they all get accepted in quick succession. Highly rated Courtois, Mata and Azipiculeta, go for older players or lower rated players and cash. As soon as the deals go through,...The Chelsea manager quits. Before he quit he sold Luiz for minimum cash,....as cover up to unmanaged Wolfsburg. Classic cheating. No deals get reversed. SMFA sleeping. 2. New manager goes in at Santos,....In within minutes from joining,..accepts garbage deal for Neymar from Ac Milan manager and then quits as soon as the deal goes through without playing a game. Classic cheating. No deals get reversed. SMFA sleeping. 3. Fiorentina is unmanaged,....everyone puts in bids for Jovetic,....Ac Milan loses bidding,....few hours later,...new manager comes in and accepts garbage deal for Jovetic from Ac Milan in within minutes from joining. What's going on guys? Why are we paying for this game? Gold championship is not free. Why are these jokers allowed to disrespect us? And when you are about to report a deal,....you are allowed to spend 10 minutes writing,....and then they tell you,....Sorry,...Deal was already reported. Why allow people to waste their time? Please say,....We do not really care too much. We do not have time to investigate anything,....We rely on an automatized flawed cheat detector and that's the end of it. Thank you.
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