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  1. Re: Best Manager in the World Guus Hiddink personally for me... I just think the impact he made upon Chelsea was a sign of just how good he is as a manager. Im not really into statistics or anything like that, but Hiddink would be my top manager. I would say SAF. But I hate the man so much, I can't bear saying it. Also... Wenger? lol... Mr "No comment" if his players cheat.
  2. Re: Fifa 10 vs PES 2010 wich will be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only reason I prefer Fifa over PES is because I prefer the licencing. I couldn't care less about gameplay as long as I am better than the person I'm playing online. (fifa 2008 (Wii) I was ranked 254 in the world ) When the game becomes too easy on world class I generally dump my liverpool team and take up a league 2 team, then make their way up the table. Often league two is easy, but then league 1 and the championship are quite challenging with a small squad! Its also fun when "Torquay United vs Manchester United" comes up in the FA cup back in Fifa 08. This year I'll be doing the same as I have done since 1998, I'm buying Fifa. Fanboy much? Dont care
  3. Re: striker help needed I would go for Nugent. Very good player, and if he gets regular first team football for West Ham then he can see a small rise of +1. Of course, if he bangs in goals ontop of that, then we may see a +1 or +2.
  4. Re: Wayne Rooney - Over Rated X hes just not really a 97 player. 96 is the best for him imo.
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Hes a good swimmer... well, he at least enjoys diving.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread ugggh. yeah, papers and pundits seem to go hand in hand these days.
  7. Re: Strength in Depth... i totally agree James. One rule for Liverpool, another for United....
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread United hardly cruised past Birmingham... now this? They really need Owen to strike hot form I wrekon thats the difference.
  9. Re: Who should I buy? Micah RICHARDS or Glen JOHNSON ? I would say Johnson, mainly because he will be playing in the Champions League this season. Richards won't be.
  10. Re: English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL)
  11. Re: English Premier League 2009-2010.(EPL) im not too bothered about whos got the best league. Just cause Real Madrid bought 4 world class players in CR, Alonso, Benzema and Kaka, does not make the whole league the best in the world. Its just one team out of the whole league
  12. Re: Yaya Toure If he plays, he could rise to 93.. hes got the skill to rise to 93. But my guess is still a 92.
  13. Re: The EPL - who's tough enough ? The EPL - who's rich enough?
  14. Re: EPL premiership table preditor Premiership table preditor? Is it like a monster which attacks the table? Certainly not heard of a EPL preditor before... watch out Barclays.
  15. Re: One weekend in and I’m already bored... You have to say the whole world and society is going the same way. Everyone wants a quick fix. Not winning? Buy yourself victory! Struggling with poor form? Sack the manager! You can't really deny that in this world, the vast majority of people just want quick fixes. I mean, I knew a kid that acctually dumped United and supported Chelsea when Abramovic came in and said to me "yeah well, i cant be bothered to watch a team thats not gona win" and that to me was the death of football. And added to this, unfortunately, but I think this is the case, say for instance Liverpool carried on their form... I wonder how many 'Pool fans would leave and support someone else if Liverpool finished say... 8th? *touch wood they wont* The problem stems much further than football.. would we be in such a bad recession if people didn't want bigger houses, faster cars, things they can't afford. Then added to the greed of society the banks/ finance companies are too greedy and too eager to give these loans so they can make even more money faster! Then wonder what everyones done wrong when everything falls apart. Probably gone too far with this, but my point is clear. Football and society are both money driven. And both are impatient! e.g. "Defence is weak. don't bother to try and train them and make them better, just buy someone better" and.. "Can't quite afford that house, but I really want it, so I'll take out a huge loan and find out a few years down the line its falling apart".. lol... waffling on
  16. Re: One weekend in and I’m already bored... I agree. Tbh, todays match was boring. I was acctually bored of watching the team I support. I usually go to about 10 ish West Brom games a season, I first got into this because my mate invited me, and I enjoyed watching Championship games that much that I decided to watch at least half of west broms home games(i live within 10 miles). As I can't afford the petrol to get to liverpool, let alone the ticket prices, i could only afford two maybe three 'pool games a season, so watching west brom games has been brilliant fun! And, when West brom came into the prem, the quality of the games didn't drop, because of west broms policy of playing proper football. I think, tbh, I am a closet west brom fan but generally I just go to watch an ENTERTAINING game of football.
  17. Re: new sm values.... good or bad Like with any change, there will always be problems and the way I look at it is the fact that this update is perhaps just a bit over done! I dont truely think for a 34 year old player, Del Piero would fetch 8million in real life, no-one would purchase! I think a more realistic figure would be 5-6million, so this could be done with some tweaking!. Gotta admit though, seeing Carragher at 15.5million was kinda sweet.
  18. Re: Man Utd Collapsing ? I hate it when these sort of questions are asked, I honestly don't think United will struggle at all next year... they are still massively strong, admittedly, the loss of Ronaldo is pretty big, but they are still a really good team. I just hope Liverpool keep all their players so we can push on and maybe take the title!
  19. Re: Official Red Devils thread Thats the problem, everyone thinks "UNITED HAVE TONNES OF CASH BUMP UP THE PRICE" and I think because of this SAF has made the right decision to pull out now. Next year, the fickle people will have forgotten about the money and will be more accepting of lower cash offers.
  20. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
  21. Re: Official Red Devils thread I just find this so amusing. Ronaldo and Tevez, replaced with Valencia and Owen... lmao
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