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    Rob353 reacted to AFCTU Jacko in Formula 1   
    Re: Formula 1
    Superb drive from Fisichella, he showed genuine pace and it was only Raikonnens KERS button that got him ahead in the first place.
    I don't think he was ever going to have a go at the Ferrari with 2nd place in the bag, Force Indias first ever points, and a Ferrari drive for the reast of the season in the offing.
    Hamilton & Button were both unlucky, but in the case of Hamilton what goes around comes around, how many times has he been overly aggresive and caused incidents early in a race?
    Good race, and i backed Kubica to finish ahead of Heidfeld, Raikonnen to beat Trulli & Rosberg to beat Sutil as a treble and pocketed £93.29
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    Rob353 got a reaction from the portugeezer in My Liverpool Team - Team & Tactics Help!!   
    Re: My Liverpool Team - Team & Tactics Help!!
    I have a very successful Liverpool side which acctually has lower rated players than yours. Because I bought players which fitted the TACTICS. Not the other way around. I personally use 3-5-2, and have bought players to fit this perfectly.
    My team is:

    Jesus Navas ----- Pirlo ----- Riera
    Van Der Vaart -- Gerrard
    Adebayor - Torres

    So as you can see, every player fits his position, from the RM and LM of navas and riera (notice they are only 91 rated!) to Van der Vaart and Gerrard which play the attacking midfielder roles to support ade and torres. So far, two seasons, two 1st division wins, this season im in 2nd with 3 games to go.
    If i were you, id copy this system of fitting the team around a tactic, look at benitez, played 4-2-3-1 with Valencia, won the league, came over to Liverpool and still plays the same 4-2-3-1 for which he is buying players for, and thus far, Liverpool are making progress towards the title.
    Also, sell a player and invest in a LM, then create a more normal side, with either a flat 4 mid, with two strikers, or flat 3 mids RM - DM - LM with an AM to link the play to your two strikers. I find it difficult to organise your squad though without seeing it on the SM tactics screen sorry. Hope this helps.
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    Rob353 got a reaction from Torres+Gerrard in Luis IBANEZ Help!   
    Re: Luis IBANEZ Help!
    Well, the highest rated player on Dinamo Zagreb is 88. So if Ibanez was to be one of the best players on the Dinamo team he could be 87-88 rated. He is also 20 years old, so don't be surprised if you see him improve furthur at Dinamo, then get swallowed up by a better club who want a good, young LB/LM. At this stage its hard to say, but if he keeps his first team place I can see him getting a MINIMUM of 86. But, as I have said, if he moves to a bigger side and matures over the next year or two, he could end up 90. (But we are talking 2 years time minimum for a 90 rating, much the same as Santacrose etc)
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    Rob353 reacted to elmo88 in Hot Chilli's!!!(chilean risers)   
    Re: Hot Chilli's!!!(chilean risers)
    a few have risen today!!!
    i think Ive done alright
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    Rob353 reacted to CaRlHaNsoN in Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating   
    Re: Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating
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    Rob353 got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in sell romaric and get any of these players?   
    Re: sell romaric and get any of these players?
    Looking at your squad, I would get a decent keeper.
    However, if you want ONE of those two players, I'd pick Ballack. I think Gattuso has had his day now, hes injured and in my opinion can only get worse.
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    Rob353 reacted to Insider in Henrique Thiago Heleno   
    Re: Henrique Thiago Heleno
    I do them myself. I love the Brasileiro, so I focus in on that league and save all the match reports for the games I can't watch, then accumulate the stats myself.
    Main sources are UOL and Globo, but they won't have easily accessible stats.
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    Rob353 reacted to Halstinho in Talented Danish Midfielders.   
    DISCLAIMER: Credit to henharrierhall (Triple H
    ) and Synyster for mentioning Ricki Olsen and Kasper Povlsen first.I have been keeping track of Ricki and Kasper and i decided it's now the time to make a thread about them because the Danish rating changes are coming up.
    Ricki Olsen

    Name: Ricki Olsen
    Club: Randers FC
    Date Of Birth: 21/10/88 (Age - 20)
    Position: CM
    Nationality: Danish
    SM Rating: 75

    Ricki Olsen is a young Danish midfielder currently playing for SAS Ligaen side Randers FC.
    Ricki's dad was also a professional footballer, his dad is Lars Olsen who won Euro 92 with Denmark and he is currently the manager of OB.
    Last year he was signed from Brøndby IF.
    He made his SAS Ligaen debut against Aalborg BK, he played 85 min and the result was 2-2.
    He scored his first goal for his club against AGF Aargus, the result was 2-1 to Randers FC, that goal was actually the winning goal and it was screamer from 30 yards.
    So far this season, Ricki has played 17 times, 9 times coming off the bench, 8 times in the starting 11 and he has scored 3 goals.
    After some impressive performances, Ricki has become a key player for his club and he has recently signed a 2 and a half year contract extension and he said "I think that I have done very well in my time in Randers FC, actually better than I expected it a year ago when I came to the club".
    He is a first team regular and his coach John "Faxe" Jensen believes he will develop into a good player.
    Predicted Rating Increase: +6/+7 (81/82)

    The average rating for Randers FC is 80, but i think he can rise to 82 or 83 as he is a first team regular.
    Kasper Povlsen

    Name: Kasper Povlsen
    Club: Aarhus GF
    Date Of Birth: 26/9/89 (Age - 19)
    Position: CM
    Nationality: Danish
    SM Rating: 74

    Kasper Povlsen is a young Danish midfielder currently playing for SAS Ligaen side Aarhus GF.
    He made his first team debut last season in a league game.
    Kasper was well behind the pecking order of midfielders but this season, Kasper has been a key player for Aarhus GF.
    This season he has played 18 times this season, 14 from the starting 11 and 4 times from the bench and he has 1 assist.
    He has yet to score his first professional goal.
    Kasper is a technically gifted and skilled player, who is versatile and strong. He can play in defense, midfield or even in defense midfield. So, he is just like Christian Poulsen.
    Aarhus GF former manager Ove Pedersen described Kasper as a "New Lawnmover Who Will Eat More Grass" and he compared Kasper with Stig Tøfting after the game against FCK.
    He is a Denmark U21 international after he recevied his first call up against Turkey and he participated in that game.

    Predicted Rating Increase: +7/+ 8(81/82)

    The average rating for Aarhus GF is 80, but i think he can rise to 81 or 82 as he is a first team regular.
    IMO, both of them are really talented and would become important players for the future. I can see them two being the two key central midfielder's for Denmark.

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    Rob353 got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in Lionel Messi   
    Re: 99 for Messi?
    Off topic. Saw this in Game today and it made me laugh cause he looks really camp doing that pose with his little Wii-mote, almost sexual look in his eyes and the long hair

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    Rob353 reacted to the portugeezer in LM and CB help!   
    Re: LM and CB help!
    cristian rodriguez is one of the best porto players, and he is very young, i can see him moving not to one of the top clubs but to the atletico madrids, villareals, romas or maybe juventus'. Capel would also be a good choice from what i've heard, but don't watch sevilla that much.
    raul albiol will definately rise next time, sell corluka as he doesn't look like risin in the tottenham defence.
    i think that escude and lucio might stay this time round but if they don't improve their forms, will go down
    also hope it helps
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    Rob353 got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in LM and CB help!   
    I'm sorry for all these threads I've created lately, It's just im heavily changing my Liverpool squad and I've needed help! Thanks for everyone thats helped me so far
    Okay so these are the last two problems I am having in my Liverpool squad;
    I currently have David Silva on my LM, with Riera on the bench, I was thinking of selling Riera and buying one of these three players;
    Cristian Rodriguez, 23 years old, 90 rated.
    Diego Capel, 21, 90 rated.
    Corriea Adriano, 24, 91 rated.
    I know nothing on Cristian Rodriguez, but I know that Capel has been kept out of the team by Adriano, however Capel is younger.. Adriano has been played in many different positions this season. So will his position stay LM\LB for the forseeable future?
    And the last of my requests for a while
    I was going to replace Vedran Corluka with one of these two players;
    Raul Albiol, 23, 92 rated.
    Martin Skrtel, 24, 92 rated.
    All I know is that Skrtel might suffer for games next season if Agger comes back into the frame. And that Raul Albiol has his place cemented into the back 4 of Valencia (why didn't he get 93 rating again? 31 games this season!)
    Im also selling Heinze and Khaladze and buying Lucio and Escude, will both of these players still remain good for a long time to come? What ratings do you expect these to get?
    As usual, repping all help!
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    Rob353 got a reaction from bertthefirst in Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating   
    Re: Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating
    Okay, ive decided im going to go back on what I said earlier on in this thread.
    Is Ronaldo truely better than Gerrard? I dont think he is...
    Does Ronaldo chase back and win the ball when he loses it? or does he just let his other team mates win it back for him?
    Does Ronaldo do any form of defensive duties? or does he wait for the ball to get passed to him?
    Is Ronaldo truely a good asset to the game? He can play great football, but is he a great role model to young footballers out there, with disrespect for Sir Alex at being substituted, diving and lack of respect for fellow footballers (steven taylor incident comes to mind:rolleyes:)
    Is Ronaldo behind his team 100%? Or does he get annoyed at his team mates regular when they are not doing what HE wants?
    Gerrard tries to win the ball back if he loses it.
    Gerrard does his fair share of defencive duties. (Not as much as he used to cause of Alonso and Mach, but he still does a fair bit.
    Gerrard is a good asset, he plays good football, dives quite a bit, but not as much as Ronaldo, and shows respect for the club, manager and other footballers, which is only a good thing for young footballers for someone to look upto.
    Gerrard is 100% behind Liverpool and its players, which can't be said for Ronaldo and United really.
    Gerrard sets up goals and scores goals, just like Ronaldo strangely enough. (Once again, not so much this season imparticular)
    I think you guys need to detach yourself from this mindset of "Well, he sets up loads of goals and scores loads of goals" with Ronaldo. Because a footballer is the full package, its what they can bring to the team. Sure, he can run fast, skill and hit a ball well. Gerrard can't skill, or run that fast. Does that make Gerrard not as good as Ronaldo? And of course, Ronaldo takes better freekicks. But Gerrards freekicks can be just as effective, in a less dramatic way. Lets put goals, "skills" and pace out of our minds. Who is the best PACKAGE player.
    I know I'd prefer Gerrard in my AM then Ronaldo on my Wing.
    And before anyone says "Forwards and Wingers dont need to defend or track back" look at Rooney, how often do you see him charging back to win the ball if he has lost possesion? Can't see Ronaldo doing that in all the time ive watched him play.
    So what if Gerrard isn't in a team thats winning loads of trophies... that doesn't make him worse player. If Gerrard was playing EXACTLY the same, but for United, you bet your life he would be 98 rating lmao. And thats whats wrong with the way ratings work on this game.
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    Rob353 reacted in Need Youth Squad Help!   
    Re: Need Youth Squad Help!
    Erm... Dont really wana say get rid of anyone because most of them have good potential and I like living.
    But for the value of half of them i would keep hold of them.
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    Rob353 reacted to #rooneyisyummy# in Need Youth Squad Help!   
    Re: Need Youth Squad Help!
    zizov will not be good for next 5 years sell his wages will be a waste maybe even release him tbh !
    again people like mancini wiont be good for a long time so you may consider selling all people like this i wont list them all (eg galvan too) but it is something you should consider as paying wages for players that will not be even 75 rated for maybe 4/4 years !
    vidrio will not rise in mexico so i would definately sell as you would get great money for him and i do not think he is worth keeping at all for you.
    sell delph IMO if he does not move this summer to premier leage as people will pay a lot for him : i have him and no premier leage move this summer = i will sell
    sell bale like people are saying alsoo
    but keep these:
    hope this helps
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    Rob353 reacted to sampillin in Need Youth Squad Help!   
    Re: Need Youth Squad Help!
    sell bale. Getting no games at tottenham although in the wales side ( not exactly difficult ha ) will raise quite a bit of money.
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    Rob353 reacted to Gozzy in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    Rob353 got a reaction from Bourkey in Tricky One - Sell Huntelaar for 27.5m?   
    Re: Tricky One - Sell Huntelaar for 27.5m?
    The best advice I can give is to put money and P/E out of your mind for a second. And ask yourself these questions;
    "Can I afford to lose this player?"
    "Is he a good prospect for the future?"
    "How well has he been playing for me?" (he could have scored 25 in 30 games for you this season)
    "Do I already have players which can cover his position well?"(he might be your best striker for all I know )
    "Will it benefit my team?" (e.g., using the 27.5million to invest in a RB you desperately need)
    If you are happy to sell him once you have thought these questions through, then do some business, if not, then keep onto him. Even so, Huntelaar is a 30m+ player.
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    Rob353 got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in out of these 2 if you can have one ?   
    Re: out of these 2 if you can have one ?
    Id buy Simao yeah
    His style of football is great and I really rate him. Hes a great professional aswell so he's bound to stay a good rating for many years to come even though he's getting older now.
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    Rob353 got a reaction from Jon in New team help   
    Re: New team help
    a few common ones you may/ may not of heard about:
    Mario BALOTELLI (Inter) hes quite a popular buy though.
    Sercan YILDIRIM (Bursaspor) manchester united are interested in this guy
    Vicente VIDRO (Atlas) another young gun whos destined for good things.
    Fabian DELPH (Leeds) another very popular buy. lucky to get this one.
    John FLECK (Rangers) hes only 17 years old this one, hes a good buy, but you wont get any money back soon i dont think. you would need to bide your time with him.
    Fransisco MERIDA (Arsenal) yeah, this ones another very popular one, luck to get him too.
    You'll prolly already know of these ones, I have more if you are interested.
    Hope this helps.
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    Rob353 reacted to Mad Leprechaun in My Man United   
    Re: My Man United
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    Rob353 got a reaction from d_aan in Tevez for Lopez and Quaresma?   
    Re: Tevez for Lopez and Quaresma?
    Quaresma has already dropped two to 91 and the chances are he might drop even further. He can't get games anywhere hes going.
    Tevez will surely rise once he has moved away from united, hes already said he wants to make a move away from united to a club which will give him first team football. (only plays 50% starts and the rest benching) so he should rise back upto 94 and perhaps beyond.
    i really rate tevez, i bought him from an unmanaged club OVER gomez, i had the choice of both.
    I would advice selling Berba instead, or if you really want to sell tevez, ask for another 5mill in cash say, make the deal that little more tasty!
    hope ive helped
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    Rob353 reacted to Kensational in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    Yes. I really hope United sign him. But if they don't they're are plenty of huge clubs waiting in the wings to snap him up. I think he has been proven to be a class player at the top level while Gomez is only playing in Germany and when he plays for the NT, he never performs.
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    Rob353 got a reaction from Bob Loblaw in Man Utd V Liverpool   
    Re: Man Utd V Liverpool
    Last two games we have seen a completely different liverpool to the side that has come out and played over the last few months. It annoys me the way that we can't seem to beat the lesser teams to be really honest.
    Ill be very highly surprised if man united lose this though, 4 points, one game in hand, united really need to slip up more than twice really, and liverpool need to win all. However, for now i shall bask in winning glory.
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    Rob353 reacted to Alvin in Néstor VIDRIO -Mexican talent & riser!   
    Néstor VIDRIO *******MUST BUY*****
    Age 18 years
    Defender (D)
    Foot: Right
    Rating: 74
    this is what the manager had to say about him..."This child is the one that marked a Palermo and Palacio, is only a child and is a great defender,"...
    A very talented young defender...he might be one of the biggest risers when Mexican league gets reviewed this time...A regular starter for Atlas at the age of 18
    12 starts & 1035 minutes in Clausura so far..(from a possible 15 games)...
    Copa Libertadores 2008-
    4 starts, 1 sub around 390 minutes ...( out of a possible 6 in group
    stages.)...Atlas ended as toppers in a group that also contains Boca JUniors..now they are set to face LANUS in the knockout stage!
    With few weeks to go for Mexican ratings, I wouldn't be surprised if he can make an 83!...
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    Rob353 reacted in James Holland - Aussie sensation   
    James Holland

    James Holland is a 17-year-old attacking midfielder currently playing for Newcastle Jets. He currently has a contract with the Jets ending in 2010, he has played for Australia u-20, Australia u-23 and has already received his first cap for the national team. He has recently been called up to the national team, James has also played for the Central Coast Mariners before signing for the Jets in 2007. In his youth James played for NSWIS and AIS, James is a record holder as being the youngest player to score in the A-League. Holland also captained the NSW u-16 side at the 2005 Qantas National Talent Identification Championships. James is also a member of the Australia u-17 team, James is a great young player and probably one of Australia’s best young prospects.
    On DB currently playing for Newcastle United Jets
    Rated - 77

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