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  1. Re: Next review risers Not right now. We all got to remember who is in charge now, AVB drop the best players and hope for the best lol
  2. Who has the best future ahead of them?
  3. Re: Mario Gotze its still early Bayern will fall eventually. Dortmund just having a slow start. 4th isn't to bad right now plus all this confidence from Europe should help. We cant just go by rating through league performance, Europe counts to and because City are doing Poor in Europe does that mean Hart wont rise? no ofcorse not. In all fairness city are not great in the EPL this season either.
  4. Re: Best keeper ever? LOOOOL like like like!
  5. Re: Best keeper ever? He would score more. Back in those days defenders could two foot and still the play would continue. Player protection nowadays is bull **** he would draw so many free kicks and penalty he would just be a monster in front goal. Do i think he is the greatest ever? NO i dont. I just dont agree with you saying he is over hyped and junk. pele is a great and always will be and people downing him like you just shows you know nothing about the early game. Its a joke for you even to say what you are saying. It seems you just want an argument with your scummy comments to other p
  6. This is my West Ham team 1st season in. Quite competitive league so not much choice of getting any bigger names right now. Just want to know your next review prediction and if they are going to be safe. I have a good idea but just need some extra advice. Leno Butland Alba Gibbs Arbeloa Badstuber Boyata Papadopoulos Pisczcek Alonso Vidal kroos Afellay Lucas Moura Isco Draxler Bernado Suso Sterling A.Johnson Balotelli Callejon Destro Lewandowski Damiao
  7. Re: Gary Cahill He has to rise to 90. no doubt about it tbh.
  8. Re: BIG NAMES - Rating Changes i wish mate. my fav player but 83 for now IMO but i really hope your right mate. also Suso to 80/81 and to this Oscar banter he will get +2 for now deserves to be 90 for sure. And i Lucas is sat at a 90 then Oscar deserves a 91 but 89 for now then 90/91 if his game time + quality resumes which im sure of.
  9. Re: Next review risers i like all but 1 and that Benzema dropping to 93..... Are you serious lol? why does he deserve to drop? and also Bonucci wont get 91 just yet IMO. yeah hes been great but not 91 just yet mate.
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