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  1. What about diaby? In belgium they dat three is An agreement for 5m?? Which is a no-brainer for Sporting...
  2. Why Bruno Varela isn't playing anymore? Transferitis? Or will he take his spot back when transfer window is closed?
  3. olivier 1

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I would like to add Arnaut Groeneveld (Club Brugge) Karlo Letica (Club Brugge) Francis Amuzu (Anderlecht) Egor Nazaryna (Antwerp) Adrien Bongiovanni (Cercle) Guevin Tormin (Cercle) Frantzdy Pierrot (Mouscron) just for the rise
  4. olivier 1

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Telles, Wendell
  5. olivier 1

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Impressive pre season at barca!!! It's early to say but it's look like they find a great alternative for Iniesta's departure
  6. olivier 1

    Worldwide Risers

    Jordi Vanlerberghe will maybe not rise a lot next review, but he is really doing well atm. Mechelen refused a 3M offer from Standard Liege last transfer window. Even Roberto Martinez (manager Belgium) says he is an interesting player as an alternative for the CB position at the NT as we dont have much options there
  7. olivier 1

    Worldwide Risers

    BELGIUM: this are players that are in for a rise and i expect to rise in the future Dion Cools +5 to 83 Lukas Lerager +3 to 85 Chris Bedia +5 to 83 Clinton Mata +3 to 85 Landry Dimata +6 to 83 Jordi Vanlerberghe +4 to 82 Samuel Kalu +4 to 82 Omar Colley +2 to 84 Siebe Schrijvers +2 to 84 Henry Onyekuru +2 to 82 Lazare Amani +5 to 80 Bob Straetman +7 to 77 Aristote Nkaka +5 to 75 Silvere Ganvoula +2 to 80 Elton Acolatse +3 to 80
  8. Hi Lucas, 

    There are many low rated argentinian youngstars who are getting minutes now. Which of them looks like real talents?

    I already bought Marcos Senesi

    What about Marcos Acuna, i read he is linked with marseille, anderlecht, ...

    1. Lucas Fiorino

      Lucas Fiorino

      Hello Oliver. I lives ar argentina. Marcos Senesi is really a talent. But i think that he start a few minutes in the first team. San lorenzo have a great team. He is a long time inversion (more than 1 year). Marcos Acuña a great player, in the next market he has european future. Also Driussi and Alario (River). Other talent to follow is Luis Olivera (River) and conecty ( San Lorenzo)

  9. olivier 1

    Jupiler pro league (belgium)

    I see Bossaerts starting over Milic, but it's a big question he will stay fit. He has been injured for 2 years now Another belgian Orel Mangala is added a few days ago. He is a supertalent and heavily linked with a move to Dortmund.
  10. what can you tell me of Monteiro Felipe, who signed for Porto?
  11. The drop for Navas was a bit harsh tbh
  12. olivier 1

    Jupiler pro league (belgium)

    Tielemans had a very inconsistent season, typical for Anderlecht this season. If he stays another season at Anderlecht, I would sell him for his huge price tag. He simply need better players around him, so he can upgrade his play. Gladbach is the most interested team i guess and when they sell Xhaka, they are able to pay the fee for Tielemans.
  13. olivier 1

    Massive Cheater

    In a competitive gameworld with 100 clubs there is a big cheater. Every team that comes available he takes immediately and do horrible deals asap. A lot of managers are reporting the deals as illegal and report they are multiple accounts. We already managed to block 2 accounts, but apparently he has 30 accounts in an other gameworld he totally messed up. Is there something else we can do, before he ruins the whole gw...? Cheers
  14. olivier 1


    Keep Bellerin for sure
  15. olivier 1

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    David Silva or Aubameyang?? Positions doesnt matter