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  1. Re: Clichy+ cash for T.Silva? And a few other player ratings. Toni Kroos, Cazorla, Isco +1 for sure Alba maybe Marek Hamšik, is kinda really not predictable player, He is really good in neapol, but in the Slovak National team he is just the average player. Maybe it´s because of bad formation (4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1) with him playing as CM not AM or Fwd, but i don´t think his rating will change in next revision... I think he needs to go to other club, like Juventus so he can be a better player. Badstuber is awesome player, in my opinion germany has one of the best defenders ATM. with Howedes-Badstuber-Hummels-Lahm. Javi Martinez is another awesome player, but you can watch for Iker Muniain he is really good too. Cazorla, Muller, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Badstuber, Cavani, Cisse are good players
  2. Re: Badstuber or Boateng for Hummels Yeah Hummel is very talented and awesome player, Boateng is good but not good enough in this 3 players group Hummels > Badstuber < Boateng. I was thinking about wanting Boateng to my team too, but i ended up with Subotić and Hummels. Boateng is good but they are better,
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: My youth squad. sell or keep. Actually it´s hard to say if it is good or no, because you still have a chance that lacazatte will be awesome player and player he trade will just play bad... So yeah he should trade some of those players for a better one even if it´s 2 for 1 but you gave advice someone about player that you don´t know. So i would say you should pay attention to players/teams if you want to give advice to anyone. No offence man just saying
  4. Re: alex sandro or keiran gibbs Porto in my view is Hulk and Mountinho + 9 so really don´t count me in your decision i´m just saying that you must count arsenal´s academy but on the other side if sandro will play then he will probably rise faster than gibbs, but if gibbs will play or go on loan to club where he can play in first team then i think he is better, really depends who gets the more minutes on the field in real life. but i will go with gibss, because i´m fan and if i know he had some injuries too.
  5. Re: Best Young Players John Flannagan 19 - 82 Romelu Lukaku 18 - 88 Thomas Muller is still under 23 - 93 Silva Neymar 20 - 90 Mario Gotze 20 - 91 Eden Hazard 21 - 92 Julian Draxler 18 - 86 Iker Munian 19 - 90 Emboaba Oskar 20 - 87 David de Gea 21 - 90 Erik Lamela 20 - 88
  6. Re: Gervinho I don´t like Gervinho too much, he isn´t bad but with a new players in arsenal he will simply just not play too much, and that´s not good for his overall in SM there is that little hope that he will play better but really i don´t know if he is worth keeping in team and 25 millions, that´s a good offer and maybe you can buy a better player than him
  7. Re: Riferimento: My youth squad. sell or keep. Hey man did you saw any games where lyon and Lacazette played? That boy scored 3 goals in 21 games, including 14 in leauge and 7 in Uefa... Yeah of course he had some bad games but he played at least good in a lot of games... there is a really big chance that he will go +2 and he is still 21 years old, yeah he is not big talent like Lukaku or Oskar, but he is not talentless. And he played really good in France U20 team... Rafael Cabral Rafael is 22 years old... And you don´t need to sell those players, you can trade them for a really talented players, liek Ryo Myaichi or Harry Kane, John Flannagan and others.
  8. Re: alex sandro or keiran gibbs I don´t really know much about porto or Alex Sandro but you must know that gibbs is playing for arsenal, and you must count to your decision that a lot of young players in arsenal have a great potential like Wilshere, Chamberlaine or Ryo... I think Keiran under the Arsene Wengere have a chance to be a better star than Sandro, but still i don´t know for sure, it´s just prediction and that´s not 100% right. So i hope you will make the right decision PS: I like arsenal so maybe that´s the little bonus for Gibbs in my view.
  9. The four best teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinal round, 5th and 6th teams in each group will be classified 9th–12th by the results of their group matches. Unlike previous Olympic Games, there will be no placement matches involving the losing teams of the quarter finals. My predictions: Top four teams progress to the quarter-finals Bottom two teams are eliminated from the tournament Group A: Russia - Russian team lost to Norway in last Summer Olympics. With the young stars like Tatiana Khmyrova and experienced players like liudmila Bodnieva, are these girls aiming for the gold medals. Brazil - National team of Brazil is the average team in terms of the world's teams, but it's the team that can do some serious damage even if they play with the best teams like Norway. And i expect them to do well. Croatia - Croatia is that good team from europe, not the best team but it's the same as Brazil, they can do some serious damage but still they haven't won any major tournament, and it looks like this year is not going to be different. Montenegro - Young team from europe with a lot of potential, maybe in next few years they can be very strong team so let's just sit down and see what this team can do, i´m really curious. Yeah and in this team are some of the most beautiful black haired handball players. ------------ Angola - If they want to pass to the next round, they need to win against Brazil and Montenegro must loose with a big goal difference. It's not impossible but still the chances are maybe about 20%. Great Britain - Very young team but they still didn´t show anybody that they are strong team. They were formed to take up Great Britain's host nation place in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Group B: France - In this time it´s 100% sure that France will advance from the group B. With 3 wins and 1 draw are these girls, team with the most points in both group. South Korea - South Korea lost to Kazakhstan in last Asian Championship in very close 33 - 34 game. Now they are back and ready to fight for the gold. Norway - Norway women's national handball team is the only team in handball history, on the women's and men's side, to have won the Euro Championship in Handball four times in a row. ( 1998, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 ). They are the current reigning Olympic Champions, quadruple defending European Champions and World Champions, so we are looking forward to see what this team can do in quarter-finals. Spain - Best results in tournaments are 3rd place from World Championship and 2nd place from European Champonship. Team built around very experienced players like Verónica Cuadrado and Silvia Navarro needs to play for the final advancing spot with Denmark. ------------ Denmark - Really strong team is now in a bad shape. They need to win both of their last matches against Norway and France if they want to advance to the quarter-finals. They are fighting with Norway and Spain for 2 tickets to Quarter-finals but they are currently 1 point behind. Sweden - Sweden with score 0:3 is going to be out of the tournament soon. Same scenario as with Great Britain Bronze Medal Game: Russia > South Korea Gold Medal Game: Norway > France PS1: I want to keep this thread active until the end of the tournament, with a little previews and reviews for Knockout Matches. Thanks for reading and yeah see ya next time. PS2: I'm not from english speaking country so i must apologize for my english. There is that rule that there can´t be more than 15 pictures so Great Britain's flag will be not in this post, same with the Sweden. No offence to you guys. And little bonus for you guys, this is Adriana Nicoleta Nechita and she is a romanian handball player. Yeah and she is hot!
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 7grDYaYwHNI Okay guys i´m not crazy but this s*it is awesome
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