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  1. Re: How good is your squad. Senior, Youth and loan outs. Sheffield United. Casillas Maicon Ramos Chellini Janetti Iniesta Xavi Essien Higuian Aguero Arshavin Boom.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... counter offer of 25 million plus my Diego Milito for Xavi. Thoughts?
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi, ribery, diego, nesta, zambrotta are available. i have the money. my team is fine. who is best to buy out of these? in terms of keeping their rating.
  4. Who do i buy out of: DIEGO RIBERY MAICON NESTA ZAMBROTTA i have a good team, just that i could use any of these players, just need to know who is likely to drop etc/who has the most potential to keep their rating. Thanks in advance.
  5. Re: Streamlined Transfer Bidding My chairmen wont let me trade players, which means. If i sell them, im making a loss!!! Take for instance Mats Hummels, buy him for 6/7 million. I want to swap him for Van Der Weil. It won't let me. So now i seel him at a loss?! It's really not very good. There's no point in having a chairman so readily involved in transfers. The better concept would be, if you buy players that dont perform as well or.... I don't know. This chairman thing is so restricting. Really hope there aren't too many more changes to the game. This is like my third year of playing and
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread ... Hows carrico going to do? Fernando (22) of porto getting his 90?...
  7. Re: 5 People You Would Like On Your Side In A Bar Fight? I'd like to point out, Joe Calzaghe would be useless. He would break his hand... not to mention the fact that he only beats up old men past their prime or avoids them (Glen Johnson). POW. Pacquiao. ugzr8DiUNV0&hl Anderson Silva. 3M4VacJ4NU&hl Prime Tyson. F_nfLatI5Qc&hl Roy Keane. p_st29mlQwU&hl Roy Jones. mQsTSdCj-rE&hl
  8. Re: Who Do You Think Are Under Rated? cant believe he hasent been mentioned: Sneijder. Should be a 94 all day long.
  9. Re: Nikola Saric Im not a regular forumer, in fact this is probably the first talent i've wrote about. I agree with kick kid anyway, you should have posted it on mine, aside from the fact its a whole new thread it kinda feels like you want to take credit for this find and quite frankly i couldnt care less. Thanks for the details anyway.
  10. Liverpool have agreed terms with 17-year old Nikola Saric, a Danish attacking midfielder/striker of Bosnian descent from Herfolge. Is the news from Sporting Life. Not on the DB, i don't think the team is either. Still...sweet goal on youtube : )
  11. Re: Guy Asulin According to wikipedia, and i dont think its very accurate, he's the only played to be moved this year from the reserves or barca B to the first team. sweet.
  12. Re: Is it just me.... ...awkward. Yeah cheers for the info.
  13. Or have there been more than a few players who havent risen over the summer changes. So either someone could shed some light on why they havent or at least we have a thread which SM could hopefully use as reference. I know of: Soren RIEKS 80 > 83/84? Kenneth STENILD NIELSEN 72 > 78ish? Aleksandr DIMIDKO 78 > 82/83? Maximiliano BADELL 74 > 80? HERRERA, Maximiliano 72 > 78? Thanks to all those who scouted these players.
  14. Re: Guardado vs Clichy dont quote me on this but think Vargas has moved to fiorentia? That makes his potential huge. But i think Marcelo is enough...He'll be 90 by the end of the year i reckon.
  15. Re: U-19 UEFA Championship finals Im pretty sure he took part in this and apologises if he did not but how do you rate PEKHART? cheers,
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