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  1. Good day everyone. Been a while for myself. First, I'm glad the SM higher ups have said they are going to improve SM Worlds. Second, I'll believe it when I see it. The one main thing I'd like to see, is to keep the ratings how it is. Maybe the big 5 leagues get updated 3 times a year. Don't change what the game has been since the beginning. There shouldn't be any ratings boosts. Other than that, just tweak and add a few things. For instance, just being able to set your squad cap for your custom league would be nice. Maybe a drop down menu? Not too hard to ask. Also, being a
  2. Check out 2 of my top customs that have been running for a long time. Brookfield PL, ID 7664, based on realistic rules. Transfer windows set up like the summer and winter windows. Sackings in the bottom 3 of each division, which means I run an in house hiring process for open clubs. Also, no buying from unmanaged, to keep teams together, and we follow a squad cap rule at 50 players. Nette Shultz PL, ID 241461, is based on a ratings squad cap, which means there's always a revolving door of players becoming open for deals. It's a cash only league as well, which means you must bu
  3. This league is looking for some new managers! Come on and apply!
  4. This custom gw is still going and looking to add a few new managers to revamp the league! If you're interested, apply and send me a message about you reading the rules on the forum, and if you've got any questions, let me know! Cheers
  5. That's what I was thinking, but with Benzema's age and decline, he may not even be a 91 in a couple years time, while Philipp could have a rise or 2 and be the same rating then. Bonaventura would also come in as a starting CM or AM, and it would either be Philipp or Volland as my starting striker, so that's what I would drop to when I lose Benzema. I am in D1 in a SM English Setup, so players are tough to come by without having to give up something.
  6. Question for you forumers. I've been looking to sell Benzema in a league. He's my best player. Just dropped to 93. I've got an offer of Bonaventura and Philipp from Dortmund, for him. What y'all think?
  7. Haps from Feyenoord. Should get +1. Castagne from Atalanta. Should get +1.
  8. Anything on this? Can SM turnover the overseeing of this game to somebody that cares?
  9. Is there anything being done now on the future of SM Worlds? SM Devs, are y'all still around? There are just a few simple ideas that I would like to see implemented, so that the future of this game will be safe. For Custom GW Owners... Add Squad Cap Features. 25. 30. 35. 40. 45. 50. Etc. A simple drop down window with your choice of cap. Add the ability for GW Owners to remove whomever they want from their GW. It's their GW. They paid for it. Let them run it how they see fit. This one is a bit of a stretch, but to be able to block Managers from doing transfers,
  10. Who did you apply for? I don't see your application.
  11. New Season is about to start here shortly. Now's the time to join, if you are interested in something like this. Thanks.
  12. New Season about to Start! Come choose a club in D5 or D4 and build yourself a team to come challenge D1 in a few seasons!
  13. Hey man, sorry don't really get on the forum that much anymore. I would recommend choosing a club in D5, so that you have time to build your squad. What is your name on SM? Cheers
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